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Yogi government talking about public welfare is poisoning: Lallu



Yogi government talking about public welfare is poisoning: Lallu Funny Jokes

Yogi government talking about public welfare is poisoning: Lallu Funny Jokes

Lucknow : Uttar Pradesh Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu has said that contrary to BJP’s claim of Yogi government, the people of the state are groaning with problems of fear, hunger and corruption. Instead of realizing the imagination of the public welfare state, Yogi Adityanath’s government is limited to seeding public hatred and poisoning, along with police force to calm public anger and send a false case to jail.

Mr. Lallu said on Saturday that the government failed to cover a journey from law and order to industrial development. The past year was named after crime and criminals. The way young girls were raped, gang raped, and murders with cruelty. In the case of Hathras’ daughter, the manner in which the local administration along with the government continued to call her Honor Killing. After the CBI charge sheet, the government got a huge slap in the face. Even then, the government is issuing advertisements of false figures in order to shine its image with the help of lies instead of learning something.

He said that industrial development in Uttar Pradesh is at a standstill. Public funds of the public were misused in the name of Investors Summit. Not a single industry took shape on the ground. Government announcements in the Corona transition period last year proved to be paper. In the name of Corona, there was misbehavior with the general public, while the government has been indulging in corruption by buying quality PPE kits in the name of system in hospitals. The fraudulent purchase of medicines by medical corpus in the name of treatment of heart diseases came to light. Instead of taking action to save the scamsters, on the other hand, in the Secretariat, all kinds of frauds and corruption have been done without fear under the Chief Minister’s nose.

The state Congress president said that the harassment of the mobilized farmers in Uttar Pradesh in protest against the three black agricultural laws was done so that they were falsely implicated in the litigation of country malpractices and given heavy penalty notices at the cost of joining the movement. He said that the government is talking about doubling the income of the farmers, but the truth is that it is not hesitating to snatch the bread from its stomach and hand it over to some industrialist friends.

Mr. Lallu said that the cow is dying due to the negligence of the mother government. Gaushalas have become the center of loot. On the strength of the police sticks, the Yogi government is engaged in stopping the march of the agitating Congressmen to save the cow and cow dynasty. He continued to harass Congressmen by filing false cases and sending them to jail.

He said that unemployment, inflation along with criminals, corruption and scamsters are flourishing under the patronage of the government in the rule of the BJP government, which forks in the way of democracy and killed the basic spirit of the Constitution. The government has failed on every front and all its figures are just a bundle of lies, the people of the state are no longer confident of anything about it.


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