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Wonderful robbery – this dreaded dacoit was alone, heavy on UP police



Wonderful robbery - this dreaded dacoit was alone, heavy on UP police Funny Jokes

Wonderful robbery - this dreaded dacoit was alone, heavy on UP police

In 2009, a dacoit had given water to thousands of Uttar Pradesh Police personnel alone for three days. After that the dreaded dacoit was killed. The media gave information about this encounter to the public instantly.

Hardly anyone can forget that incident of 2009. Thousands of police personnel were engaged against that lone dacoit named Ghanshyam Kewat, but the police seemed helpless. In the end the police set the entire village on fire in Babesi. After that he was killed by dacoit.

On June 16, police vehicles came in while playing sirens in Jamouni village of Rajapur police station area. In fact, the police had received information that a prize money robber of 50 thousand Ghanshyam is hiding in Kewat village. After this, police from some police stations reached to arrest the dacoit. As soon as Ghanshyam came to know of this move of the police, he hid in the top room in the only two-storey paved house in the village.

At that time, Ghanshyam had hundreds of cartridges. Apart from this, there was also a factory made rifle of 315 bore. He also kept a bottle of water. At one o’clock in the afternoon, Ghanshyam came to know about the intention of the police and started firing. By the time the police got a chance to recover, the firing had already started.

In such a situation, more police force was called the next day. The police then took a strange decision, showing the helplessness of the police. In the house where the dacoit was hidden, the police removed people from the houses around it and burnt all the houses. However, it will be called the courage of the Ghanshyam dacoit, that even after being surrounded by fire for about 6 hours, it did not leave.

As soon as the fire was reduced, Ghanshyam started firing once again. From June 16 to June 18, Ghanshyam also martyred 4 khaki jawans. Apart from this, 6 policemen were seriously injured. Then on June 18, at four o’clock in the evening, the bandit leader Ghanshyam escaped by dodging thousands of PAC personnel and police of several police stations.

The house behind Ghanshyam was hidden, and he ran towards the forest. However, the police also chased Ghanshyam and surrounded him. The police team started firing bullets on the dacoit continuously. After 45 minutes of continuous firing, the police started searching for Ghanshyam. After this, the police found the body of Ghanshyam.