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Women involved in Kisan movement seen on the cover of TIME magazine



Women involved in Kisan movement seen on the cover of TIME magazine Funny Jokes

Women involved in Kisan movement seen on the cover of TIME magazine Funny Jokes

New Delhi : Time magazine has included women in the Indian peasant movement in its international cover. This time, Time magazine has dedicated its cover page to the women leading the protests of farmers on the borders of Delhi. The tagline on the new international cover of Time magazine reads, “I can’t be scared and I can’t be bought.” Women leading the protests of India’s farmers. ‘ The cover page shows some of the women farmers involved in the peasant movement along with their young children. Women are seen raising slogans in the lap and shouting slogans. Women farmers have been described as the frontliners of the peasant movement on the cover.

Time magazine wrote on its official Twitter handle, “Time’s new international cover.” The women who have featured in the cover of Time magazine include 41-year-old Amandeep Kaur, Gurmer Kaur, Surjeet Kaur, Jaswant Kaur, Sarjeet Kaur, Dilbir Kaur, Bindu Amman, Urmila Devi, Sahumati Padha, Hirath Jhade, Sudesh Goyat. Among these women, more women are from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
Time magazine has written in its article how the women farmers of India have pledged to continue their agitation against the agriculture bill. She has written in her article how these women are holding the front of the peasant movement on the borders of Delhi even after the government has said. Last month, the Indian peasant movement was joined by several celebrities at the international level. After American pop star Rihanna, many celebrities openly supported India’s peasant movement.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s farmer movement-backed tweet also made headlines. Artists from India were also divided into two groups for the peasant movement. However, most of the people did not justify commenting on the peasant movement of foreign stars. Since November 2020 of last year, farmers have been protesting against three new agriculture laws of the central government on different boundaries of Delhi. The farmers demand that the government repeal the three new agricultural laws. Several visits have been held between farmers and governments on this, but nothing has been resolved yet.