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Women got six seats in 17 seats of Zilla Panchayat member – News India Live, India news, News India, Live news, Live India



Women got six seats in 17 seats of Zilla Panchayat member - News India Live, India news, News India, Live news, Live India Funny Jokes

Women got six seats in 17 seats of Zilla Panchayat member - News India Live, India news, News India, Live news, Live India Funny Jokes

Six seats are also unreserved, candidates will now sweat in the regions due to caste equations.

– Women will try their luck in three of the seven seats of the area panchayat chief, three seats have also been reserved

List of proposed reservation released after churning for several hours for three-tier panchayat elections

Hamirpur: The list of reservation for district panchayat and kshetra panchayat key posts regarding the three-tier panchayat elections has been released here at twelve o’clock on Tuesday night. In most of the districts of Bundelkhand, the list of reservation was released in time, but in Hamirpur, the District Panchayat members, area panchayat heads and village panchayats heads continued to churn for several hours in the issue of reservation lists. Currently, this time in the list of reservation issued through the District Magistrate, 17 seats of the District Panchayat members have been reserved for six women.

The seat of Kurara village of Kurara block has been unreserved this time in the proposed reservation list for the posts of district panchayat members in the district. Jhalokhar seat is reserved for women. Pothia seat of Sumerpur region has been unreserved whereas Teedha seat has been reserved for backward caste, Chhani seat for backward caste women.

Ingohata, Aratra and Sisolar seats have been unreserved in Sumerpur, Maudha area, while Cunehata seat in Maudha, Mushara region has also been unreserved. Muskara seat – reserved for Scheduled Caste women in Muskra block area. Binwar seat-backward caste of Muskara region, Saidpur seat-woman of Rath region, Nauranga seat-Scheduled caste of Rath and Gohand region, Beera seat-SC woman in Gohand region, Rehunta seat backward caste woman of Gohand, Rath, Sarila region The scheduled caste seat of Sarila region has been reserved for Scheduled Caste and Jalalpur seat of Sarila region. Please tell that this seat has been unreserved even in the last 2015.

In the released list of reservation for seven posts of area panchayat chief, Kurara seat has been proposed for women, whereas Sumerpur unreserved, Moudha seat Scheduled Caste woman, Muskara backward caste, Sarila backward caste woman and Rath, Gohand etc. two seats have been unreserved. . District Panchayat Raj Officer Rajendra Prasad said on Wednesday that objections have been sought till March 8 on the reservation list issued for the three-tier panchayat elections.

Reservation for the posts of District Panchayat Member

Kurara countryside seat of Kurara region – unreserved

Jhalokhar seat of Kurara region- Women

Pothia of Sumerpur Region – Unreserved

The backward caste of the Tera seat of Sumerpur region.

Chhani seat of Sumerpur region, backward caste woman

Ingohta seat of Sumerpur, Maudha region – unreserved

Aartara seat of Maudha region – unreserved

Sisolar seat of Maudha region – unreserved

Kounhata seat of Maudha, Muskara region – unreserved

Muskaran seat – SC woman of Muskara region

Backward caste-backward caste of Muskara region

Saidpur seat-woman of the Rath region,

Rath, Nauranga seat of Gohand region – Scheduled Caste

Beera seat of Gohand region – Scheduled Caste Women

Rehunta seat of Gohand, Rath, Sarila region – backward caste women

The seat through Scheduled Caste of Sarila region

Jalalpur seat of Sarila region – Unreserved

Reservation block-wise on key posts of area panchayat

Qurara – Female

Sumerpur – Unreserved

Maudha – Scheduled Caste Women

Muskaara- Backward caste

Rath – Unreserved

Gohand – unreserved

Sarila – Backward Caste Women

Women will become sarpanch in 112 seats of 330 gram panchayat

In 330 district panchayats in the district, 112 seats have been held in the account of women for the sarpanch (head) posts. According to the District Panchayat Raj Officer, 109 seats of the principal posts have been unreserved, while 50 seats have been reserved for women. Scheduled caste women will contest Sarpanch in 28 seats while backward caste women will get the chance to become sarpanch in 34 seats. 50 seats of Gram Pradhan have been reserved for Scheduled Castes and 59 seats for Backward Castes. After the release of reservation list, electoral winds have started flowing in the gram panchayats. Contact campaign has also started to make the caste equations in your favor.