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Who used to cook millions of soldiers in Mahabharata war?



Who used to cook millions of soldiers in Mahabharata war? Funny Jokes

Who used to cook millions of soldiers in Mahabharata war?

More than 5 million people had participated in the war of Mahabharata. But here now the question arises as to who cooked food during the war for such a huge army and how the food of so many people was managed? This is that when thousands of people were killed every day, then what account was made of the evening meal?

Mahabharata war

We can truly call Mahabharata the first world war of the world. Because at that time there was hardly any state which did not participate in this war. At that time all the kings of India were seen standing in favor of either Kauravas or Pandavas. We all know that Mr. Balaram and Rukmi were the only two people who did not participate in this war. But there was another state which, despite being in a war zone, was devoid of war. And that was “Udupi”, the kingdom of the south.

According to the legend in Mahabharata, when the king of Udupi reached Kurukshetra with his army, both the Kauravas and the Pandavas tried to bring them to their side. But the king of Udupi was very far-sighted. He said to Shri Krishna, Madhav! Whoever looks from both sides looks distraught for war, but has anyone thought that how will the food of such a huge army present on both sides be arranged? Then Shri Krishna said – Maharaj! You have thought it right. Do you have any plans for this? If so, please explain. After that the King of Udupi said Vasudev! The truth is that I do not consider this war between brothers to be justified. That is why it is not my desire to participate in this war, but this war can no longer be avoided, that is why I wish that I along with my whole army should manage the food of all the army present here.

On the king’s talk, Shri Krishna smiled and said, Maharaj! Your idea is very good. About 50 lakh warriors will participate in this war and if a king like you will see the management of their food, then all of us will remain relaxed from that side. Anyway, I know that apart from you and Bhimsen, no one else can manage the food of this huge army like Sagar. But Bhimsen cannot separate himself from this war. Therefore, I request you to make arrangements for the food of the army on both sides including your army. Thus the Maharaj of Udupi took charge of the food of the army.

On the first day he arranged food for all the warriors present. His skill was such that even a single grain was not wasted by the end of the day. As the days passed the number of warriors also decreased. The warriors on both sides were surprised to see that by the end of the day, the King of Udupi made only the food of the people who were actually alive after the war. No one could understand how they came to know how many warriors would die today. It was a surprise in itself to manage the food of such a huge army, and in such a way that even a grain of food is not wasted, it was nothing short of a miracle.

The war ended on the eighteenth day and the Pandavas won. Then Yudhishthira was crowned as he was no more than Yudhishthira and he asked the King of Udupi that Maharaj is praising all of us how we have defeated the army which was led by Pitamah Bhishma, Guru Drona and our elder brother Karna like The maharathis were doing it, but I think you deserve more praise from all of us who not only managed the food for such a huge army, but managed so that even a single grain could not be wasted. I want to know the secret of this skill from you.

On this, the King of Udupi said that the emperor! To whom will you give credit for the victory in this war? To this, Yudhishthira said, who else can be credited with this besides Sri Krishna? If they had not been there then it would have been impossible to defeat the Kaurava army. Then the King of Udupi said, Maharaj! What you are calling my miracle has also been possible only by the greatness of Shri Krishna. Hearing this, everyone present there was surprised.

Then the King of Udupi took the veil off this secret and said, Maharaj! Sri Krishna used to eat peanuts every night. I used to keep peanuts in his camp every day and after his dinner, he counted how much peanuts he had eaten. Exactly 1000 times the peanuts he ate would be killed in the war the next day. Were. That is, if they ate 50 peanuts, I understood that the next day 50000 warriors would be killed in battle. In the same proportion, I would cook food the next day. This was the reason that food was never wasted. Hearing this miracle of Shri Krishna, everyone bowed down before him.