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What to do if you are attacked by a dog



What to do if you are attacked by a dog Funny Jokes

What to do if you are attacked by a dog Funny Jokes

Every day we go out or run, facing stray dogs. Some of these dogs can sometimes exhibit unpredictable behavior and can be extremely aggressive and unfriendly. Thus, there is a clear and direct threat to human life.

At Bright Side we have collected recommendations from experts and gynecologists on how to protect yourself and prevent dog bites.

1. Do not panic!

It is strongly believed that dogs and other animals understand human fear. However, you can hardly keep calm when an aggressive dog is growing and barking at you. If you yell, wave your arms, or run away, you can trigger a dog’s hunting instinct and provoke him to attack.

2. Slow to your walk!

If you encounter a dog during your run, slow down the walk. Turn and walk in the opposite direction of the dog, but keep looking out of the corner of your eye.

Also, if you are fully erect with your arms stretched along the sides of your body, the dog will lose interest in you and walk away.

3. Do not make eye contact with the dog!

Direct eye contact can accelerate a dog’s aggressive behavior. Staring dogs in the eyes can be perceived as a threat by dogs and can lead to an attack. Keep the dog in sight, but avoid direct eye contact with it. This will signal to the dog that you are not in danger, and will probably go away and reverse.

4. Distract the dog with any other object!

Actually, anything on hand can be of help. Give him something to chew on, such as your shoe, a bottle, or your bag. This can distract the dog for a while and give you time to escape.

5. “Back Away!”

If the dog continues to behave aggressively, confront him – avoid direct eye contact – and allow him to leave. Be sure to use a strong and confident, but not high-pitched, obedient voice. The most effective commands are “no” and “backwards” in a firm tone. The dog will get frightened and leave.