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What is time travel Is it possible



What is time travel  Is it possible Funny Jokes

What is time travel  Is it possible Funny Jokes

When the great scientist Albert Einstein gave the Theory of Relativity, then the matter of time travel started to stand, since then it has not been possible until today. Albert Einstein believed that the speed of time in the universe is the same as that on earth. This desire to travel time intensified, he believed that the speed with which time ran on earth

Time travel means to reach any place in any place in the universe in the shortest possible time.

Similarly, time on every planet must be running at the same speed. But some different scientists proved this theory wrong. Albert Einstein explained that time and space are interconnected. Which we call time of space. He said that time is 4 dimensions. With the help of which we can speed up or reduce the speed of time.

Is time travel possible.

If we see it from the point of view of scientist, then it is possible. If seen, we are traveling time. Because we are constantly moving towards the future. Leaving the present behind. It is believed. If you talk about the book, Stephen Hawking said that. If that was said. If past travel is possible. So if we make the time machine into the future, then it will be possible. It was said by Stephen Hawking.

Things that can travel through time.

1. Speed: Speed ​​matters a lot. According to Albert Einstein’s theory when we travel near the speed of light. Time becomes slightly slower than the outside world. Which we call time dilution. Scientists believe.