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Use these things in food to avoid cold frost, it will get cold



Use these things in food to avoid cold frost, it will get cold Funny Jokes

Use these things in food to avoid cold frost, it will get cold Funny Jokes

In North India, it is getting cold at this time. People’s concern about their health has increased. If immunity system power is low in winter then there is a possibility of health deterioration. For this to happen, we should make some small changes in our food in the winter, which will strengthen our immunity system. This will keep diseases away. If you include the things mentioned below in your diet, then you will stay away from diseases in the winter season.

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First of all, you start using turmeric in your food. Taking turmeric in winter also keeps your health healthy. If you drink turmeric in milk, then your disease resistance increases. This also makes you less likely to get sick.

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You can also take turmeric tea if you want. This also makes your immunity system stronger. Take all fruits and green vegetables in winter, it is very beneficial for you. You can also increase your immunity by consuming anti-oxidant rich vegetables and fruits. You can eat orange, kiwi, cherry, lychee in fruits.

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You can also increase your immunity by taking the right amount of vitamin-C. This increases the white blood cells of your body, due to which you can remain healthy in winter.

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In winter, we often have a cough or a cold or a sore throat. In this case, you must drink ginger tea. This removes your tiredness and keeps your body warm. You can also eat cinnamon in winter. You can consume it in food or by adding it to tea. This gives additional strength to your immunity.

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