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Unbleached fair and dry skin from rice flour facepack



Unbleached fair and dry skin from rice flour facepack Funny Jokes

Unbleached fair and dry skin from rice flour facepack Funny Jokes

If your skin is getting better with time and you want to get your lost skin back, then not only healthy lifestyle and healthy food is needed for beautiful and immaculate skin but some extra tips for skin care Is also needed.

Although there are many products available in the market that claim to remove skin spots and fair complexion, they are not as effective as home remedies. The rice flour face pack is perfect for fair complexion.

But how to make and apply this face pack is also very important to know. Let us tell you how to make rice flour face pack:

Easy ingredients available in the kitchen can be made with rice and raw milk. To make a face pack of rice, take 4 teaspoons of rice and soak them for 3-4 hours and then grind them coarsely by adding 4-5 teaspoons of raw milk. .

Now apply it well on the entire face and leave the face like this for 1 hour. Rub the face with light hands and then wash it with cold water. Apply this face pack at least 3 days a week. In a few days the effect will start to show.

If you want to show some specials then make a face pack of rice lemon and honey. Rice flour also helps in removing dead skin. For this, soak 4 spoons of rice and grind coarsely and then add a little honey and lemon to it.

Now apply on face and after one hour wash face with cold water. This will remove the dead skin present on the face and make it look refreshing and young.

Now the easiest facepack is rice flour and curd. Rice contains amino acids and vitamins which act as a whitening agent for the skin and also protect it from dirt.

To get fair complexion, grind rice coarsely, mix honey and 3 teaspoons of curd and whisk well and then apply on the face. Leave the face like this for half an hour and then rub it gently with hands.

After 5 minutes wash the face with cold water.