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This boy’s parents are proud of not shaving it, know why?



This boy's parents are proud of not shaving it, know why? Funny Jokes

This boy's parents are proud of not shaving it, know why? Funny Jokes

One, he does not make a beard and makes a beard only by speaking of his parents. But it has never happened that he came with a beard and his parents were happy. Yes, he definitely speaks that he has come as a human being.

Parents of most growing boys have to bend to shave their child. If this is the case then read this true incident also. Because after reading this, you too will cry for a moment.

This is the story of Shovan Chowdhury who is the quora user. He recently shared a secret on this website because he was hiding a thing from his parents for the last few days. (Many of us hide the secret from our parents who often make us feel guilty. This is what happened to Shovan and he shared his secret on this website to avoid this feeling).

To shave

To shave

Shovan wrote,

‘My mother always keeps asking me why don’t you save for your future?’ My father always advises me to save money, saying that we come from a middle class family and saving is a way of avoiding uncertainties and troubles in our future.

I have been working for the past one year, but always my pockets were empty at the end of the month. I was not really saving for the future. Because of which my mother and father used to think that I am wasting money in waste. But neither did I smoke cigarettes nor touch alcohol. Even I never used to buy expensive clothes. In such a situation, my parents thought that I have some bad habit or I am spending unnecessarily, so I am unable to save. So I do not have the money left to shave at the end of the month.

but it’s not like that. Actually, in the last one year I have visited many slums due to my official work. After seeing the condition of the people and children there, I got angry at the common people and I decided to do something for the fun people.

I help the poor

To shave

Shovan further writes that he wants to tell his mother and father and writes, I really spend my entire salary for poor children who really need help. I was surprised when I came to know that these children living in slums want to go to school and they also make different kinds of paintings. I regularly send money to these same children for admission and fees. Apart from this, I buy stationery items like books, pencils, colors etc. for them. By doing this I feel very happy and feel self-satisfied.

But my parents, relatives or any friends do not know anything about it. Just before writing this post, I got a call from the mother of a child who was crying and telling me that Shovan bhai, my daughter Saadia has come first in her class.

Saadia’s mother was telling me weeping about her daughter’s success, instead of her voice, I was hearing her cry more. But after listening to this, I fell silent for some time. Because I could not understand how to express my happiness. After that I sat on my balcony with a cup of tea.

To shave

Simultaneously Shovan writes, ‘Mummy-dad, forgive me. I can’t shave my beard. But I do not want to be such a responsible person, who will save money only for his future. ‘

To Beard – After reading this post of Shovan we should be proud to shave every such boy. Many best wishes to Shovan for his good thinking. They keep doing such good work.