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The unique bank where love is kept



The unique bank where love is kept Funny Jokes

The unique bank where love is kept Funny Jokes

The banking system of our country is included in the largest banking system. Because there are different types of banks here. But the bank that we are going to talk about today is not in India yet. Because in this bank, love stories are deposited instead of money exchange. Yes and it is known as Love Bank. So let’s tell you about it.

In Banská वनvenica, a small town in Slovakia, lovers are preparing to make Valentine’s Day a special occasion, and the most important part of this preparation is to submit their romance-filled love story to a special place. The name of this place is Love Bank.

An exhibition has been organized in this city of Slovakia that whose main attraction is this love bank, created in memory of Marina, the world’s longest love poem. The poem was written by Slovakia poet Andrzej Sladkovic.

Andrea’s girlfriend Maria Banska Stevenica, the city house she lived in, has now become a center of love and hosts interactive exhibitions every year. Also, there is a love o meter in which the love and love between lovers is measured. You can also measure your love here.