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The party postponed all programs on the death of former BJP state president Nandu Bhaiya.



The party postponed all programs on the death of former BJP state president Nandu Bhaiya. Funny Jokes

The party postponed all programs on the death of former BJP state president Nandu Bhaiya. Funny Jokes

Bhopal : There is a wave of mourning in the state BJP after the Bharatiya Janata Party’s former state president and MP from Khandwa parliamentary constituency Nandkumar Chauhan (Nandu Bhaiya) died due to Corona. Due to this, all the party programs running across the state have been postponed. The current state president Vishnu Dutt Sharma said that Nandkumar ji’s departure from us is a big loss for the party. Surely it is difficult for us to overcome it. He said that the BJP immediately postpones all its programs.

Vishnu Dutt Sharma said that Nandu Bhaiya, a six-time MP from Khandwa and a former MLA twice and a two-time president of the BJP, has done the task of taking the party home in the state. There is no area of ​​the state where they have not gone and they have not done the task of advancing the work of BJP and motivating all the workers like us. With his inspiration, the work of the BJP has expanded a lot. Today BJP workers are deeply saddened by his departure. No one else can fill their gap. He informed that his body will be brought to Bhopal Airport at 2.00 pm. He will then be brought to the party office for his last visit. His body will then be taken to the ancestral village of Baranpur, where he will be cremated tomorrow after his last darshan at his residence.

Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan’s political journey

Nandkumar Singh Chauhan was born on 8 September 1952 in Shahpur in Burhanpur district. After post graduate education, he chose politics as his career and joined BJP. Shahpur Burhanpur was the city president, winning the BJP as president from 1978-80 and 1983-87 in Shahpur municipality located in Burhanpur district. After this, he was elected MLA from Burhanpur constituency of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly after winning two consecutive terms from 1985-96. In the 11th Lok Sabha election in 1996, the BJP made him an MP candidate from Khandwa region. He was victorious in this, but his tenure remained till 1996-97, because the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government resigned and the government was revoked. After this, he won the Khandwa constituency for the second time in the 12th Lok Sabha election in 1998. This tenure also lasted till 1998-99, mainly due to withdrawal of support of the party supporting the Vajpayee government. In the 13th Lok Sabha by-election in 1999, BJP again fielded him as a candidate from Khandwa region. In this too, he won for the third time. It completed his tenure for 5 years from 1999-2004.

After this, in the 14th Lok Sabha election in 2004, he again won for the fourth time by winning the election of MP from Khandwa region but he sat in the opposition because Manmohan Singh’s Congress government was formed at the center. Then in the 15th Lok Sabha election of 2009, he again made BJP candidate from Khandwa region, but this time he lost the election to Congress candidate Arun Yadav. He was made BJP state president of Madhya Pradesh, but in the 2013 Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, he was removed and made Narendra Singh Tomar as state president. He was again fielded by the BJP from Khandwa constituency in the 16th Lok Sabha election. In this he won the election. He was again made the state president of Madhya Pradesh BJP, but in 2018, he resigned as BJP state president. So that they can do development work in their parliamentary constituency.