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The Atta temple of Alwar city has been famous for feeding the needy.



The Atta temple of Alwar city has been famous for feeding the needy. Funny Jokes

The Atta temple of Alwar city has been famous for feeding the needy. Funny Jokes

Alwar : The Atta Temple, located near the city’s powerhouse intersection, has been famous for providing food to the needy people with its magnificent artwork, although the poor and hungry person who came here today never returned hungry from this temple. Even today, every needy who comes here is fed with food. By the way, the temple of Shri Bihari Ji Maharaj is located here. But it is also a refuge for helpless poor people along with saintly Mahatmas from far and wide.

Ramdas ji Maharaj is currently sitting on the throne in this two-storied temple. Under his supervision, worship and religious programs are held throughout the year in the temple. It is an ancient and magnificent temple of the city. The artwork made in the temple’s structure is reminiscent of that time even today. Here the temple of Ramanandacharya Ji Maharaj is also located along with the temple of Lord Hanuman, the temple of Shivji.

Atta temple named after eating octagon and flour

Maharaj Ramdas Ji explains that there are two reasons behind the name Atta Mandir. One is that this temple is built on the octagon. The second reason is that the Maharaj living here never used to receive the donated food. He used to ask for flour daily from house to house, hence it is called Atta Mandir in common parlance. Here the saint’s residence is built below the temple. Where saints coming from outside, disciples of Mahatma and Maharaj Ji stay. There is a special feature here. Here food is not made by any other hand. Here the food is prepared by the Maharaj or his disciples with their own hands. He told that when he came here at the age of 12, then he used to apply 40 kg flour daily to feed the hungry.

Goshala is built in the temple premises, the Maharajas and disciples of the bovine are looked after.

Goshala remains in the temple complex itself. Goshala has a wandering wanderer in the city. They are looked after by the Maharaj and the disciples before and even today. A large number of bovines were once found here. Currently there are about 50 bovine. Whose green fodder has been grown in the premises for eating. Also, the devotees who come here are also supported in this work.

The temple’s swing festival is refreshing, devotees come in large numbers to see

Maharaj told that the Jhula Utsav of the temple is very famous. In the month of Sawan, Thakur ji is celebrated by swinging and swinging. A large number of local devotees participate in this program. Also Janmashtami and Holi festival is also celebrated with pomp. Apart from this, other religious programs are also organized.