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Standing food is dangerous for health, so be careful…



Standing food is dangerous for health, so be careful… Funny Jokes

Standing food is dangerous for health, so be careful… Funny Jokes

If you also hurry to eat food or eat food standing in the circle of eating too soon, then this habit can get you in trouble. It has been revealed in a survey that standing and eating food is harmful for your health.

Not only this, if you eat food quickly, it is also not a good habit for your health. Actually, the rush of going to school or college or office in the morning is seen in the house. It is not late, so people are unable to give food time and have a quick breakfast.

According to a research, by doing this some taste glands of the body stop working and physical and mental tension increases. Not only this, food does not digest easily by standing and eating and it takes many times more time to digest. Know what is the harm-

Affect posture

When we stand and eat food, we bow very much. In such a situation, there is more emphasis on one part of the body to relax itself. When done this daily, it affects the spinal cord and all kinds of problems start.

By eating food while sitting down, body posture can be improved. According to research, blood circulation is also good in the body by sitting down and eating it, it also keeps the problem of back.

Digestion may worsen

When we eat food quickly, our digestion system gets affected and the body fat also increases. Obesity causes the problem to increase fat. But if you sit and eat, then you stay away from such problems. Food is easily digested and fills the stomach quickly. In such a situation, you can also control weight gain.

Problem of acidity increases

Gas starts in the stomach when standing and eating. Actually when we stand and eat, we eat food in a hurry. In such a situation there is difficulty in digesting food and problems like heaviness, indigestion start in the stomach.

Also affects harrett

Research led by Professor Dipayan Biswas of the University of South Florida, US, states that the force of gravity on the lower part of the body pulls the blood faster, causing the heart to work faster to pull blood back up. And in this process the heart rate increases. This research was done on 350 people standing and eating food.