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Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that changes will be made in the self-employment schemes of the state, so that talented youth and those doing small and small businesses can get respectable livelihood and economic security.

Shri Chouhan was addressing the state level rural street vendors loan distribution program held at Minto Hall here today. The Chief Minister deposited an interest-free loan amount of Rs 10-10 thousand in the accounts of 20 thousand rural street vendors (rural small businessmen) of the state. Under Mukhyamantri Grameen Path Vendor Yojana, interest-free loan of Rs 10 thousand to rural small businessmen is provided from the bank for their work. The credit guarantees the state governance. Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia, Minister of State for Panchayat and Rural Development Ramkhelavan Patel, Additional Chief Secretary Manoj Shrivastava, Principal Secretary Sachin Sinha, M.S. Belwal was Manchasin.

The Chief Minister said in his address that rural street vendors should do business without rest. The state government will be with them for their economic social empowerment wherever needed. It is the endeavor of the government to provide employment, respect and security to street vendors so that they can carry on their business with dignity and lead a happy life.

Mr. Chauhan said that at one time only big business people used to get loans from the bank. Banks did not give loans to small business owners. Under the state government scheme, small business owners have been provided loans on the guarantee of the government. In the Corona period, the small business was shut down. Prime Minister Narendra Modi formulated the urban street vendors scheme and the state government formulated the rural street vendors scheme.

Earlier small businessmen used to take money from moneylenders at high interest rate. Now the street vendors will not have to take money from these moneylenders. The state government has also made a law to control those who pay money on interest. License moneylenders, who give the amount at the rate fixed by the state government, can give money on interest.

The Chief Minister has said that it has been seen that big companies are also starting small businesses, which can take away the jobs of small businessmen. But the Government of Madhya Pradesh is determined that such rules will be made so that the work of small businessmen will not be allowed to be snatched away.

He said that more than 8 lakh 52 thousand beneficiaries have been registered under the Chief Minister Rural Street Vendor Scheme. So far, the loan disbursement to more than 60 thousand beneficiaries has been completed. This work will continue every month. The registered businessmen of the scheme will be given their identity cards from the urban bodies, district panchayats, gram panchayats so that they will get respect in doing business. The wives of male tract practitioners are also joining self-help groups and strengthening their livelihoods.