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Salt that is banned in 56 countries is being sold indiscriminately in India, know why



Salt that is banned in 56 countries is being sold indiscriminately in India, know why Funny Jokes

Salt that is banned in 56 countries is being sold indiscriminately in India, know why Funny Jokes

Rock salt is a mine of qualities. How rock salt has been disappeared from India, is the best alkalizer for the body, it is perfect for the heart, light and aids in digestion, Tridosha sedative, cold liquor ie cold cold, light to digest, increases digestive juices. It is better to use black salt, rock salt, because it is made of nature, God.

This is to say that senior Ayurveda medical officer Dr. Devesh Kumar Srivastava said that the qualities of rock salt are mixed with nature because rock salt does not form, it is already made.

The mineral stone salt is known as ‘Sendha salt’ or ‘Sandhav salt’, Lahori salt etc. etc. throughout the North Indian subcontinent. Which means ‘came from the area of ​​Sindh or Indus’.

There are huge mountains of salt, there are tunnels, from which this salt comes. Grinds occur in thick pieces, nowadays crushed is also coming. He told that today let us tell you how many types of salt are main.

One is sea salt and the other is rock salt. Always remember that a person can be a devil, but God is never a devil.

Before 1930 all in India used to eat only rock salt

Dr. Devesh explains that no one used to eat sea salt before 1930 in India. Foreign companies have already emerged in the salt trade in India, at their behest. Sea salt is being fed by mixing.

He told that this game started when many foreign companies started selling salt after globalization. The game was that foreign companies have to sell salt and make very big profit and make a loot, so a new thing was spread across India that eat iodized food, eat iodized salt.

You all are deficient in iodine. It is very good for health, etc. etc. things were spread in the whole country in a sponsored manner and salt which was sold in a time of 2 to 3 rupees kg. Iodine salt in its place reached direct price in the name of 8 rupees per kg and today has crossed even 20 rupees.

He told that it is not wise to eat sea salt just because of iodine, because iodine is in every salt, rock salt also contains iodine, the only difference is that this rock salt contains iodine made by God by nature, besides iodine We get it from potato, arbi as well as green vegetables. You better get out of this sea salt affair.

56 countries of the world banned excess iodized salt 40 years ago. Why did the government of America, Germany, France, Danmark banned iodized salt in 1956? His government said that we fed iodized salt (from 1940 to 1956), most people became impotent.

The population became so low that the country was in danger of being destroyed. His scientists said that if I stop the salt with iodine, he banned it. And in the early days when this game of iodine started in our country, the leaders of this country made a law that without iodized salt cannot be sold in India. Some time ago, someone filed a lawsuit in the court, then this ban was removed.

Rock salt benefits

The use of rock salt keeps control on blood pressure and very serious diseases. Because it is not acidic, it is alkaline (alkaline), when it is found in an acid, it becomes neutral and 48 diseases of the body are cured as soon as the blood acid is gone.

This salt is completely soluble in the body, and due to the purity of rock salt, you can recognize from one more thing that fasting, eat all the rock salt in the fast, then you think that sea salt can pollute your fast. How can it be beneficial for your body?

Rock salt fulfills the deficiency of 97 nutrients in the body

Rock salt fulfills the deficiency of 97 nutrients in the body, due to non-fulfillment of these nutrients, there is an increased risk of paralysis attack, it has been said in Ayurveda about rock salt. You should eat because rock salt removes vata, pitta and phlegm.

It is helpful in digestion and also contains potassium and magnesium, which is beneficial for the heart. Not only this, it is also used in Ayurvedic medicines like salt, Bhaskar, digestive powder etc.

Severe loss of sea salt

He told that according to Ayurveda this sea salt is very dangerous in itself. Because companies are adding extra iodine to it. Now iodine is also of two types, one is made by God, which is already in salt.

The second is “industrial iodine”, it is very dangerous. So by adding additional industrial iodine in sea salt which is already dangerous, companies are selling it to the entire country. Due to which many serious diseases are coming to us. This salt is manufactured by humans in factories.

4 including 2 student leaders died in road accident

Commonly used sea salt also causes high blood pressure (high BP), diabetes, etc. serious diseases. One reason for this is that these salts are acidic, due to which blood acidity increases and all these 48 diseases occur due to increase in blood acidity.

This salt never dissolves completely in water, it shines like a diamond, in the same way, it does not dissolve inside the body and the end also cannot get out of the kidney and causes stone.

This salt is a major cause of impotence and paralysis. Sea salt provides only 4 nutrients to the body, but diseases are definitely mixed together. Refined salt contains only 98% sodium chloride, the body keeps it as an alien substance.

It does not dissolve in the body. To maintain iodine in this salt, chemicals such as Tricalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Alumino Silicate are added which are also used in cement making.

According to science, these chemicals make the blood vessels in the body hard, which leads to the possibility of formation of blocks and problems in getting oxygen. There is joint pain and arthritis, prostate etc. Iodine salt requires more water. 1 gram of salt draws 23 times more water than itself. This water reduces the water of the cells. This is why we feel more thirsty.

Dr. Devesh says that even in the Ayurvedic system of treatment of five thousand years old, it has been suggested to use rock salt only in food. Salt and spices are used in food in India, Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Nowadays most of the salt water in the market is prepared from salt, whereas in the 1960s Lahori salt was found in the country. Even this salt was distributed at ration shops. It was also beneficial for taste as well as health. Rock salt should be used instead of sea salt.