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Parliament will be formed in Delhi, now farmers’ new market, said farmer leader Rakesh Tikait



Parliament will be formed in Delhi, now farmers' new market, said farmer leader Rakesh Tikait Funny Jokes

Parliament will be formed in Delhi, now farmers' new market, said farmer leader Rakesh Tikait Funny Jokes

Rakesh Tikait, national spokesperson and farmer leader of the Indian Farmers Union, has said that now the farmers’ new mandi will be a parliament in Delhi. He called that when the Modi government is saying that we are buying on the MSP, then the farmers should take their crops to Parliament, because the procurement is not being done in the local mandis and hence the farmers market will be Parliament.

Tikait was addressing farmers in the village of Tajsar on Tuesday. During this, he whipped the central government fiercely. He said that farmers need to reach the border from every village. He said that the government used to say that farmers’ income will double in 2022, so far it has not increased. He said that farmers will have to fight a long battle, the government is not going to accept it so soon.

He said that the government is preparing to bring 50 new laws against farmers in the coming years, after that the farmers will not even have land left. Yudhveer Singh, national general secretary of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, said that today the government is misleading in the name of Ram, Ram is not the only tender of BJP, we also have ancestors. He said that everyone considers Ram. Not for years now, believe it, now the BJP is going to imprison them in four walls.

Also said that Ram does not live in the temple, Ram lives in the mind. He said that the farmers have to reach Delhi in a group of ten people from each village, when the second team comes there, then the first team has to come back from that village and only then the farmers will be able to win the fight. He said that if this movement fails, then no movement will be able to stand in the coming 100 years, so everyone should stand united and support. Several leaders including Rajaram Meal, dumpy wrestler, Tacram Kandela were addressed to the farmers.

In 2013, there was a movement for Bajra’s MSP

In 2013, Ramratan Kisan, a resident of Tajsar, went on a fast unto death for the MSP of Bajre in Rajasthan. Mahendra Singh Tikait came to break the fast. After that, on Tuesday, many leaders including Rakesh Tikait came to his village on the request of Ramratan farmer. On Tuesday, the farmers were invited to take the soil of the village and join the Delhi movement.

Talks to be held by the end of 2021- Rakesh Tikait

Talking to reporters after the meeting, Rakesh Tikait answered many questions. He said that if the government stopped talking, farmers also do not need to talk and farmers will not send invitation for talks. Asked them when the talks would take place, they said that by the end of this year, the rounds of talks would start again, but there would be no talks yet. Tikait clearly said that the movement will end only after withdrawing all three laws and giving the law of guarantee of MSP.

He said that farmers are in no hurry, no matter how long it takes. On being with the opposition parties, Tikait said that we are not calling anyone or sending anyone. Those who want to come along, we welcome them. There are many BJP leaders with us. On the question of farmers’ focus on the states where there are elections and by-elections, Tikait said that the court has imposed some restrictions on us, where we will hold a meeting there. He said that our target is on the central government. When the Center has made the laws, then the Center should take it back, why should we fight the state governments.

Farmers and workers will be destroyed if the movement ends

At the Kisan Sabha organized in Tajsar, Rakesh Tikait, the pioneer of the Delhi Kisan movement and spokesman of the Indian Farmers Union, warned the villagers, farmers and laborers to come to the movement and warned that if the movement ended due to lack of support from the people, then it is certain Farmers and laborers will be devastated and ruined.

Also said that the tractor and land of the farmer will all be sold, the entire agricultural system will go to the capitalists and the farmer will become his slave. He said that farmers, laborers are not afraid and retreat in any way. National General Secretary Yudhveer Singh said that farmers have surrounded Delhi from all three sides and there is no option before the government.

He said that 21 industrialists are running the country under Modi rule. Accusing the central government that it has money to waive the debt of 61 thousand crores of big industrialists, but there is no money for debt waiver of farmers. Only Ambani and Adani are running the country. Rajasthan Jat Mahasabha state president Rajaram Meal assured the farmers leaders that till the agitation goes, the farmers of Rajasthan will stay on the border.

Rakesh Tikait came by driving a tractor himself

Rakesh Tikait himself drove a tractor from National Highway 11 to Chaupal in village Tajsar. During this time, the villagers welcomed him on the border of the village. Villagers honored farmers farmers Rakesh Tikait, Rajaram Meal, Yudhveer Singh and other farmer leaders by giving them a solution.