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P. Bengal: Congress caught in Abbas alliance, A war in Adhir-Anand Sharma



P.  Bengal: Congress caught in Abbas alliance, A war in Adhir-Anand Sharma Funny Jokes

P.  Bengal: Congress caught in Abbas alliance, A war in Adhir-Anand Sharma Funny Jokes

Kolkata : In West Bengal, the dispute is growing over the newly formed party Indian Secular Front (ISF) Chief Abbas Siddiqui in the CPI-Congress alliance trying to substitute against the ruling party Trinamool and the main opposition BJP.

The state and central leaders of the Congress, which are claiming to be an alternative during the assembly elections, have become increasingly concerned about the matter. Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Twitter directly referred to Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, saying that sharing the stage with a fundamentalist like Abbas Siddiqui is shameful for the Congress. He has also claimed that Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary has not taken permission from the central leadership of the Congress before doing so. He has said that such a coalition is against the ideals and policies of the party. Chaudhary will have to explain the situation in this regard.

Adhir has also responded to these allegations of Anand Sharma on Twitter. He has termed Anand an agent of BJP and said that those who are questioning the alliance are advancing the BJP’s agenda. Responding to Sharma on Twitter, Chaudhary has written that those who are praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for personal gain from the comfort zone should stop doing so. It would be better to work to strengthen the Congress under which the tree has grown up. However, Chaudhary has also indicated in his tweet that he has no role to include Abbas Siddiqui in the coalition. He has said that in the interest of the people of West Bengal, an alliance is being formed under the leadership of the CPI (M) in Bengal. The CPI-M is deciding who to include in it.

Even after four hours of talks, it did not happen

Here, Congress talk is not being made about the seat agreement with Abbas Siddiqui, the head of ISS. On Monday, representatives of the CPI (M), Congress and ISS held talks for nearly four hours, but there are reports that Abbas is adamant on taking more seats in Murshidabad and Malda, the Congress strongholds. Here, the Congress has made it clear that Abbas will not give Siddiqui even a single seat of his share. Because of this, there is a screw in the coalition.

Sources have said that the Left Front has given 30 seats to the ISF but Abbas is adamant on taking seven to eight other seats. Whatever seats they have got, the Left Front has given its share and Congress is being demanded to give the remaining seats but has refused to give even a single seat in the impatient. For this reason, on Sunday, Abbas Siddiqui clarified his stand from the gathering stage of the Brigade Parade, saying that his workers will work to win BJP candidates but will not do anything for the Congress.