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No matter how much a friend is, do not forget and share these things, also know the reason…



No matter how much a friend is, do not forget and share these things, also know the reason… Funny Jokes

We all need friends. We share a lot of things with friends. But should we tell all our things to friends?

Friendship is relative to relatives. Whether at home or outside, blood relations extend to a certain extent, but friends at every turn. This is why we have many types of friends. Exciting friends, shopping buddies, party buddies, friends with WhatsApp, Facebook buddies, taffering buddies, chatting buddies, bizarre gossip buddies, timepass buddies and buddies. That is, friendship as needed.

Among these different types of friends, the friendship of a best friend is the most unique and strong. A heart-to-heart relationship connects with close friends. But then one day it happens that you fall in love with someone. Then there is a new twist in life. Then your friendship deepens. The reason is to discuss every message and gesture of a lover with his friends and understand his intent. However, some things are very personal, which are only between you two. No one should interfere in it.

Like your lover told that he does not get along with his sister or does not get along with the parents, the mother bears her own expenses, the brother’s engagement is broken twice, all the members of the household bear their expenses, sister Betrayed by her boyfriend, parents are thinking of getting divorced, I cook for myself, boss stops apparel, family is having a debate about frost… etcetera. Such things are very personal. The lover has shared such private and confidential things, then he should keep them to himself.

– We are in modern times. Since the relationship is so deep, all kinds of things go on. If the lover or your husband has made a serious joke or commented on intimate relationships, it is just for you. Enjoy it Telling all these best friends will only spoil your relationship. A friend will think the same and say how shameless your lover is. The rest of you are smart.

Do not let anyone’s ideology dominate you. Whether it is friend or lover. Let them think freely. Remember that friend has no need to read your lover’s mind. Understand this thing yourself and explain it to a friend too.

-The lover has made you aware of his many shortcomings and shortcomings. You also know that friends will not create any ideology for you and your lover by knowing those shortcomings and shortcomings. Still you keep silence. Remember that everyone kills in love, but the shortcomings are only after the depth of love.

-If you have made a program to watch a new movie with your lover or have a brunch in a cafe, then do not share it with a friend. Also, do not inform the friend about the expenses related to it.

-If you or your lover is struggling with financial crisis, then leave it a secret between the two.

-Your friends will start advising you to separate from your partner. Doing this later leaves nothing but remorse. Most importantly, avoid telling your friends about an old relationship. Because maybe your friends can take advantage of this when the time comes.

-The lover has given you a gift, which you do not like. Do not tell this gift related to a friend. You behave a little maturely. Think about how much that lover’s feelings are involved in that gift. Dislike of the gift suggests that you are materialistic.

– Suppose that you share small, big fight, debate or estrangement with a friend with a friend. But check this habit. Your friend can create some opposite ideas for you with so many evils. Do not cry in front of friends about your relationships all the time. If you only talk negatively to your friends, then a time will come when

– What are the problems in the lover’s life? If he has given details of this, do not tell him to your friend. Remember, breaking the foundation of trust sometimes cracks the foundation of relationships.

-How much does your lover earn. Do not bring discomfort in mutual relations by telling his details to friends. It may be that at some point in time he should say this in front of your lover. This can hurt your lover’s feelings and it can also affect your relationship.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, he should never tell who had come before in your life? Because currently you have a chance to start a new life, so what is the benefit of repeating the mistakes that have happened to you in the past. Never share this mistake with friends. This makes your image wrong and at the same time nobody wants to talk to you knowing your truth.

No matter how much a friend is, do not forget and share these things, also know the reason… Funny Jokes

Many of your fellow employees in the office also become your friends. With these, you also have a domestic relationship, with which you share many things. But your partner can also take advantage of your personal things. Do not share the lover’s words or the reason for separation in any of his former relationships with a friend. You have accepted everything, it does not mean that friends also do. Sometimes friends even jokingly ask you about your ‘bedroom’. Don’t forget them and tell them something about it. If your partner comes to know about this, then there will surely be distances between you.– Nivedita Mishra, Psychologist, BR Ambedkar Hospital, Delhi

No matter how much a friend is, do not forget and share these things, also know the reason… Funny Jokes

When a person starts to understand someone, he tells the deepest secret buried in the bottom of the heart for centuries. It is right that in front of whoever gets the mind, the secret things hidden in the heart automatically open. The second thing is also that one who comes close to the heart knows why hiding something from it seems inappropriate and step-like. For this reason, we and you also say royalty to the front. Many kinds of things happen between boyfriend and girlfriend. There are many types of moments together. Mostly, both have a romantic saroor shade. Lovely things also happen. In which both are equal participants. In such a situation, it is not right to give instant updates to a friend. By doing this, the friend may get irritated or even break the friendship. The reason is that despite being with a friend, the lover’s shadow rests on you. – Dr. Rakesh Kumar Raju, Sociologist

No matter how much a friend is, do not forget and share these things, also know the reason… Funny Jokes

The lover-girlfriend relationship is very sensitive. Consultation on this relationship should be taken very carefully. Often we consult friends in case of any confusion in the relationship. It is worth noting that no matter how good a friend is, the real test is to understand the psychology of relationships. Often friends give advice based on their personal experience, which may not be suitable for you. Experts have a better understanding of human behavior and their consultation is more appropriate. Experts also take full care of your privacy. – Dr. Deepmala Writer, Psychological Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Life Management Coach