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Nepal government strict to stop human trafficking, now young women will have to take permission to travel abroad



Nepal government strict to stop human trafficking, now young women will have to take permission to travel abroad Funny Jokes

Nepal government strict to stop human trafficking, now young women will have to take permission to travel abroad

The young women of Nepal are on the movement these days. The reason for this is a proposed government decree after which they will not be able to travel abroad alone. According to the Immigration Department of the Government of Nepal, this law is being enacted to prevent trafficking of human beings, especially women.

According to this, women below 40 years of age have to submit their family and local administration’s consent before going alone to African and Middle East countries. This proposed law has been termed as unconstitutional and nonsense by women’s organizations and activists. Now, in view of the growing movements, the Immigration Department has issued an explanation that this law is not yet fully prepared and it will only apply to unsafe women. Since this clarification, women’s organizations and human rights activists have been asking the definition of “unsafe woman”.

Every day, hundreds of women are protesting against this proposed law and taking out a peaceful march at the Maitighar Mandla located almost in the middle of the capital Kathmandu. In these demonstrations, women are also raising the issue of not taking action against the culprits on rape and violating the rights of women.

Most of the women are telling with statistics that not only women are traffickers, but also men, then why is the law prohibiting foreign travel being made only for women? According to the report of the Human Rights Commission of Nepal, in the year 2018, a total of 35000 Nepal citizens became victims of human trafficking, of which 15,000 were women, 5000 were girls and the rest were men.

According to Hima Bisht, executive director of an organization called Women Lead, a society with a radical patriarchal thinking can never tolerate women being independent and moving forward – this proposed law is also the result of similar thinking. According to former Election Commissioner of Nepal Ila Sharma, today’s educated officials consider women to be weak and are reluctant to consider them as a mature citizen and adult – it seems that the outline of this law has been prepared by similar officials. Such officers seek antiquarian and unconstitutional ways to empower women, develop their potential and give more opportunities to women.

All this is happening in Nepal at a time when women are moving ahead in many places in the world. The head of the World Trade Organization is going to be a woman – black African – for the first time. Nigeria economist and former finance minister Ngozi Okonwu Iweala is the next head of the World Trade Organization. She has also been a Development Economist at the World Bank for 25 years.

The World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, is the world’s most powerful institution in terms of global trade. Kamala Harris set a new record by becoming the first woman Vice President of the United States before the World Trade Organization. Estonia, one of the countries separated from the Soviet Union, has recently elected its first female Prime Minister as Kaza Kallas. Estonia is also the first country in the world where both the President and the Prime Minister are currently women.

Japan’s Olympic Minister and former Olympian Seiko Hashimoto has been appointed as the chairman of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Organizing Committee. Hashimoto has participated in four cold Olympic games as a speed skater and has also won a bronze medal. He has also participated in three Summer Olympics as a track cyclist. She is one of only two women ministers in Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga’s cabinet.

After defeating Serena Williams in the semi-finals at the Tennis Grand Slam, the Australian Open, Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka said on Siko Hashimoto’s appointment as Olympic Committee President, “it is a real pleasure and an example of gender equality.” Osaka further said that in almost every region, women have to fight a lot of war for equality with men, it is a victory but in many areas the equality is still far away.

After appointing Siko Hashimoto as the chairman, the committee said that it hoped that the ideals of gender equality and diversity would be fully adopted in these sports. International Olympic Committee Chairman Thomas Bash also expressed happiness over the news that this is a perfect example of gender equality.

In spite of the great waves of women in every region, it is a sad fact that at this time in most parts of the world, women are agitating for their rights. A large number of people are involved in the movements launched by women, such movements remain non-violent and successful in most cases.

The history of the beginning of women’s movements is old, and has been happening continuously. In recent years, such movements have been or are being carried out in Algeria, Lebanon, Belarus, USA, Sudan, Mexico, Philippines, USA, India, Brazil and Iran. The movement of the Shaheen Bagh in Delhi against the Citizenship Amendment Act in our country was discussed all over the world, and the prestigious magazine Time gave international honor to this movement by including Bilkis Dadi in the list of world’s most influential people of the year 2020. . This movement was started by around 50 women on the chilly night of 15 December 2019.

Professor Erica Chenoweth and Joey Marks of Harvard University have done a detailed study of large movements that took place around the world between 2010 and 2014. According to them, more than 70 percent of non-violent movements have been led by women. According to them, women-led movements have been relatively large and successful in most cases. Women’s movements are more meaningful and connect every section of society, their demands are also clear. Women also do not hesitate to adopt new methods of movement.