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My winterseason is like this. And yours?



My winterseason is like this.  And yours? Funny Jokes

My winterseason is like this.  And yours? Funny Jokes

Winter season Whenever there is talk on this subject, the body trembles. As you all know that there are three types of seasons in Hindustan and each season has its own special feature. If you are also Indian, then you have the right to take advantage of every season here. Winter season is liked by all. Do you like winter season too?

You can present your opinion in the comment box. Now, if I tell myself about myself, I love the winter season by sitting in front of the fire in the winter which is gossiping with family and friends and it is very fun to shake hands. Do you also enjoy this season like me, keep a similar opinion about this season, if yes, it is a very good thing, then you can take advantage of this season with great success.

Blankets and quilts are mostly used in winters, or just to say that quilts are used in winters, but the work of pulling quilts is not done in winter. I think whoever thinks about doing this job with his brother-in-law or cousin-in-law or Molere’s brother-in-law or does this work with them, is sure to be bitten because in winter, to put cold feet on another person’s feet. Not less than a kind of punishment, but knowing all this, who does not want to do this work, after all, this tampering threatens the winter season, that the winter blessings should please keep your feet away and now that even the social distillation has become the rule. Be away, be it winter or summer, you have to keep a distance of 1 kilometer from everyone, then why are you putting your feet brother, keep your cold feet away from us, even talked about winter quies

The arrival of fog in the winter is very much liked by all and everyone roams but often the arrival of fog proves to be dangerous as well, due to the fog, there are often a lot of accidents, so if the fog is short, travel otherwise If you need to go, then drive slowly. Now it comes to the famous snacks of winter, you can never miss hot tea and dumplings in the winter season. If you want, you can accompany samosas with tea, hot samosas, bread pakoras, hot jalebi, these things warm up the winter season, but hot hot dumplings have a different specialty, the hot tea and the aroma of dumplings. Can be pulled from miles away and called close to him.

Winter season, sit in a blanket and have a taste of hot tea and dumplings, the leaves on the green trees from the balcony are flowing with the wind, the clouds are hitting the sea making the sky, the humming music tunes in the ears, the balcony Butterflies smelling on the flowers of my flowerpot are the reality of the taste of that hot tea and dumplings. The taste of both of them increased this season. Now you must be thinking that who enjoys air in winter, but I say that once you feel this wind, see the real fun of winter is hidden in it. And even if you do not have to worry about this, it is not necessary to feel the wind while standing in the balcony. In the same way as we do not stop to enjoy the winter rains, because it is rain, not winter or summer.

My winterseason is like this.  And yours? Funny Jokes

In winterseason, the fun of sitting in a quilt and eating coral beans with the family is different, make things and eat moong beans. So this is how my winterseason passes, and you enjoy winter? You can also share with me how your winterseason is going.

My winterseason is like this.  And yours? Funny Jokes

Many people like to go and enjoy hill station in winterseason. I also like hill stations. And you will also have exactly that. Not everyone likes snowfall. Everyone likes snowfall.

My winterseason is like this.  And yours? Funny Jokes

The most important thing in winter is fire. To burn hands, to burn hands, to talk, to make love.