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Measures to make chipped cheeks chubby and shiny!



Measures to make chipped cheeks chubby and shiny! Funny Jokes

Measures to make chipped cheeks chubby and shiny! Funny Jokes
Girls may wish for slim and slim figure, but no one likes a deflated face. Every girl wants her figure to be slim and her face to be chubby. But it becomes very difficult to do so. Despite all the efforts, if this is not happening to you, then you need not panic. Today, we are telling you some home remedies that you can get chubby cheeks with slim figure.

mustard oil
Mustard oil really acts like a medicine. In addition to making vegetables and applying it to hair, mustard oil is also a boon for chubby cheeks. Massaging the mustard oil daily for 5 minutes makes the cheeks gradually become round and soft.

Apple will make cheeks thicker
Eating apples gives us many health benefits. But do you know that apple can also make our cheeks thicker? Yes, apply apple paste on the cheeks every morning and wash the face after 15 minutes. Within a few days your cheeks will start to become chubby.

rose water
Rose water is also rich in many qualities. It cleanses the face of the face and brings it to the face, as well as massaging the face with rose water, the cheeks slowly start coming in round shape. Massage your cheeks daily with rose water for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash face with water. Shocking results will be in front of you.

Inflate the mouth like a balloon
This is the kind of exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime. To do this, inflate the mouth like a balloon two or three times a day. By doing this, the cheeks quickly become chubby.