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Know when to break basil leaves and when not



Know when to break basil leaves and when not Funny Jokes

Know when to break basil leaves and when not Funny Jokes

There is a tradition in Hinduism since ancient times that there should be a basil plant in the house. In the scriptures, Tulsi is considered to be worshipable, holy and a goddess, therefore, if there is Tulsi in the house, some things should be kept in mind. If these things are taken care of, then the special grace of all the deities remains in our house.

# Basil leaves should be broken in Ekadashi, Sunday and Sun or lunar eclipse and at night. With this, without basil, the basil leaves should not be broken, it is like sin.

# Those who light a lamp near Tulsi in the evening, the grace of Mahalakshmi will always remain in their house. Every day Tulsi should be worshiped.

# Do not chew basil leaves, rather they should be swallowed. It provides benefits in many diseases. Tulsi contains mercury. Which is not good for our teeth.

# According to one legend, Tulsi was the wife of Shankachud, the king of the demons. Shiva had killed Shankhchud. Tulsi does not offer to Sivasingha due to Shankhchud’s wife.

# Being a basil in the courtyard, negative energy and many types of Vastu doshas are also eliminated. It also has an auspicious effect on the financial condition of the family.


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