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Know what a bank locker is and how it is opened and how safe it is



Know what a bank locker is and how it is opened and how safe it is Funny Jokes

Know what a bank locker is and how it is opened and how safe it is Funny Jokes

Friends, often you go out of the house, in such a situation, you have to deposit your jewelery and diamond gems at a safe place in the bank. Because often you are worried about not being at home. This safe place is known as the locker in the bank. You can go anywhere by depositing the valuables in these lockers. So today we are going to tell you how a locker is taken in the bank and how it is used.

How to get a locker

  • Friends government and private banks provide locker facility to their customers. According to RBI rules, any person can avail the facility of locker without opening an account in the bank. Despite this, taking a locker from a bank is not such an easy task.
  • Friends, many banks do not open a locker in the bank by saying a fixed deposit while opening the locker. In such a situation, you should open a locker in a bank where your savings account is already open. Friends, you must be above 18 years of age if you want to open a locker. You can choose the locker according to your need. You must have a joint honorship or nomination to open a locker.

The annual rent has to be paid for the locker

  • Friends, let us tell you that you have to pay annual rent to open a locker in banks. This fare is fixed in all banks. And their fare varies from bank to bank. Friends, if you have to open or break the locker for an emergency, then you will have to pay the fee. Friends, even if the key of the locker is lost from you, you will still have to pay the fee. If your locker is big then you will have to pay more. Friends, the annual fees for a locker in public sector banks can range from Rs 1000 to Rs 7000, while in private banks the annual fees range between ₹ 2000 to ₹ 20000.

Know what a bank locker is and how it is opened and how safe it is Funny Jokes

Find two keys of bank locker

  • Friends, every locker has two keys ie one key will be with you and the other key will be kept by the bank. The bank provides this facility so that if you lose your key and your key is in the hands of another person, then he will not be able to take advantage of it wrongly. Your locker opens only with these two keys.

The time period for opening the locker is also fixed

  • Friends, the bank determines the amount of time a locker will open in a year. If your locker joint is open then you can get benefit in it because one of the two people in the joint can operate the locker.

How safe is your bank locker

  • Friends, it is up to the bank how safe your locker is, that if the robbery happens in the bank, then your locker also cannot remain safe. But the bank, taking full responsibility on its behalf, does not approve to open your locker to anyone else without your permission. Even the bank itself cannot open your locker without your permission. But according to the risk, if you never come to open your locker within 1 year, then the bank sends you a notice and in such a situation the bank can lock the locker lock. And the customer can get the amount paid to compensate for the loss incurred on the locker.