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Jamun wine’s future given the growing problem of diabetes



Jamun wine's future given the growing problem of diabetes Funny Jokes

Jamun wine's future given the growing problem of diabetes Funny Jokes

Given the growing problem of diabetes in the country, scientists have developed berries, which will not only be available throughout the year. Rather it will play an important role in controlling the disease.

Berries and kernels are considered important for diabetics. The demand for this fruit is also increasing with the increasing number of diabetic patients. Berries are available in the market for a limited time only, but its value-added products like fruit liqueur, juice, bar, vinegar, jelly make their presence throughout the year. Value-added products are nutritious, tasty and healthy like fresh fruits.

Berries are also known as ‘Super Fruit’ due to its many health and medicinal benefits. This fruit is considered useful for relieving stomach ache and urinary disease. According to Shailendra Rajan, director of the Central Tropical Horticulture Institute Lucknow, bioactive compounds are effective in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and arthritis. The fruits of berries are rich in anti-oxidants. Due to its anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties, its importance has also been accepted by developed countries.

The special importance of wine in value added products of berries has been stated by entrepreneurs because apart from medicinal properties, berries are also excellent in taste and aroma of wine. The fruits of the berries spoil quickly at normal temperatures, but are also important for processing, being rich in valuable bioactive compounds. In addition to many non-fermented products, fermented products such as brandy, distilled liquor, and wine are being made and popular in large numbers.

The fruits of berries require sufficient sugars for fermentation, so it is being used as an important ingredient for wine making in many countries of the world. In particular, the value added products of alcohol are rich in medicinal properties. Berries are known for their anti-diabetic properties. This is due to the presence of a glycoside called jambolin. Jambolin improves insulin secretion by the pancreas. Another important component of berries is helpful in controlling the conversion of sugars when there are high blood sugar levels.

Value-added products of berries, especially wine-making companies, are interested in planting CISH varieties for the production of pulp (pulp). They approach the institute for the Jamwant variety developed by the institute. More than 90 percent pulp is found in this variety. Many companies have started producing berries and are keen to produce it on a large scale.

The raw material requirement can also be partially met by forest. Planned gardening of berries is needed to produce sufficient pulp of berries. Therefore, there is increasing demand for CIS varieties, which are suitable for making wine besides marketing fresh fruits.

The wine has been prepared in a timely manner, with appropriate fruits can be made from the right amount of fruits of sugary berries. Berries are one of the suitable fruits for making fine wines because it has a good balance of flavor, sugars and tannins. With the increasing use of alcohol by heart patients, berries wine has its own potential as it is also rich in many well-known bioactive compounds.

Berries can be converted into a variety of wines with different flavors, fragrances and colors. The berries wine industry is in its infancy and will gradually grow. In this way, this use will not only be helpful in the production of health products, but many by-products of the wine industry will also be created.

Berries are found in abundance in different areas of the country. They are mainly used by tribals to break and eat the fruits of wild berries. With the development of the wine industry of berries, there will be an opportunity to convert the fruits collected by the tribals into valuable products from the forest and also improve the livelihood of the people based on the forests.