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It is important not only before marriage but also to stay fit



It is important not only before marriage but also to stay fit Funny Jokes

Lucknow: It is true that shortly after the wedding, responsibilities of love and romance begin to bind. In such a situation, romantic thoughts remain a thing of the past and take their place, bills, expenses, flour-pulses, relationship pressure, children, upbringing, loans etc. This is the reason that along with the mind, these responsibilities also become a layer on the body and begin to emerge as obesity and diseases. We become careless and waist and stomach size become the hallmark of our present situation, married life, health, fitness and sex life.

We often think that it is very important for us to stay fit until we get married, so that we feel attractive. After marriage, our approach becomes very casual not only about our fitness, but also on health and attrition. Whether it is girls or boys, everyone has the same condition. Except the initial time of marriage, then later they become so careless towards themselves that gradually the attraction towards each other also starts to decrease and this also affects their relationship and sex life.

Why do you become careless?
Life starts after marriage, while our thinking is that now that we are married, there is nothing left to do in life, then a dullness starts to develop in us.

– As the burden of responsibilities increases, things like health, attraction, fitness, love and love start to become secondary.

Sometimes the loan installments for the house, sometimes the fees of the children, sometimes the health problems of the elders of the house make us careless towards ourselves.

Amidst the challenges of career and all kinds of stresses, we start to waste time for things like health and fitness.

– Fatigue, obesity and unrestrained body become our identity shortly after marriage.

– There is no charm, no glamor nor energy.

Why is fitness important?
– Fitness also affects your relationship. Taking care of fitness after marriage becomes even more important, because it increases the feeling in you that you want to look healthy and attractive to each other. Apart from this, you also experience more enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

According to a survey conducted on some couples, after focusing on fitness, they realized that fitness had a positive effect not only on their personality, but also on their mutual relationship.

– When the Couples were made to feel that they should not only stay healthy but also fit for their partners, so that they could maintain their charm, they started to workout and diet with the thought that There is no personal agenda, but it is also very important to maintain freshness and warmth in the relationship, so their confidence really increased and their relationship also improved.

Couples were asked to tell your partner that I want to be fit, healthy and attractive for you. After this, he felt that he was bonding and strong.

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How to achieve goal?

It is true that soon after marriage, many things start changing. With the lack of time, there is also a lack of energy and enthusiasm. In such a situation, dullness starts to develop, which can also make both of you away from each other. In such a situation, it is important that you find a way out yourself.

– Prepare your timetable and schedule.

– Make a diary, in which details of daily activities and calories are noted at night before bedtime.

– Every Sunday, talk about the things noted in that diary and see where there is a shortage.

– Get up early in the morning to do workouts, walking or jogging together. This will allow you to spend more time with each other.

– Challenge and motivate each other who is more fit and energetic.

– By doing workouts together, partners come close to each other. Coordination and harmony is better in both, as well as the sense of sharing also increases.

– Do household chores together. This will also exercise and bonding will also be strong.

– Set realistic goals. If you feel that 4-5 kg ​​weight has been increased only after six months of marriage, then try to change diet and routine gradually.

– Keep healthy options of eating at home. Keep dryfruits, roasted chickpeas, peanuts etc. in place of unhealthy snacks.

– Change the goal every month how much weight you want to lose in the next two months and both challenge each other.

You can also do this to motivate your partner that if you fit in this outfit till your birthday or our anniversary, then I will take you to a gift, party or holiday.

Get regular health tests and check-ups, such as BP, blood sugar level, cholesterol and other tests. Insignificant after having a child

Don’t understand

– Couples often become even more indifferent to themselves after having children. Sometimes it happens that one partner is more health conscious, the other is careless.

In such a situation, you should learn from your fit partner why he seems more young and energetic in front of you.

Many times, even in the children’s school, in PTM you will see that some couples look perfect. Instead of understanding it as a gift of God, give credit to their hard work and learn from them.

– Challenge yourself that in the next PTM you too will be seen as the perfect couple, try this for tomorrow, not today and start now.

– Also keep in mind that not only for yourself or each other, but you also have to be fit and healthy for your children.

– A lot of energy is required with children. In such a situation, you will be tired, you will not be able to participate in activities with children.

– If you eat healthy and remain a fitness connoisseur, then children will do the same, because the first role models of children are their parents and they learn from you.

Fitness is also related to your sex life
– If you are fit, then your energy level is high, which positively affects your body image and mutual attraction. This shows that your sex life is better.

– Healthy diet also improves your sex capacity. The sex life will be good, so the relationship will be deep.

– You feel more energy and enthusiasm in your relationship, because fitness increases your confidence.

– If you remain tired and tense, then it will directly affect your sex drive.

What do the experts say?
– Stress level is reduced due to workout, regular exercise, yoga, meditation etc.

According to experts, stress makes a person physically and emotionally weak, due to which the warmth, enthusiasm and intimacy in the relationship gradually starts to decrease.

– The biggest role in deteriorating sex life is stress. Where the sex life will not be good, the relationship will also get weaker.