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Is your immunity or immunity weak? Find out as



Is your immunity or immunity weak?  Find out as Funny Jokes

Is your immunity or immunity weak?  Find out as Funny Jokes

Immunity means the body’s immunity that gives us the ability to fight toxins. These toxins can be viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites or any other harmful substances.

In this sequence, if we say that if our immunity is strong, it not only protects us from common diseases like cold, cold and cough as well as helps in fighting many other serious diseases like hepatitis, lung infection, kidney infection etc.

There are many pathogens present in the environment around us. We do not even know and with food and even breathing, we absorb many such harmful elements, which later become the cause of many diseases. But it is not the case that these harmful substances reach the body and make everyone sick, whose immune system is strong, their body reliably copes with these external infections.

By the way, we can find out how our immunity or immunity power is from blood tests, but if seen, our body also starts giving us many types of signals, which can give an idea about our immunity. So let’s know what those signs are…

Repeated infections or allergic reactions


If you feel that you get sick more often than others, complain of frequent colds, coughs and colds, or have problems like skin rashes, then it is possible that your poor immunity Be due to. Symptoms of generally unsatisfactory immunity are Candida test positive, diarrhea, gingivitis, mouth sores, etc.

It is often found that some people do not change the weather and fall ill. This happens when body temperature is lower than normal. It is believed that the normal body temperature is 36.3 degrees for a strong immune system. Should not be below And because the virus that spreads the infection in the winter survives at 33 degrees, the body temperature should not decrease. By exercising daily, you can also maintain body temperature and increase immunity. Apart from this, hot spices like garlic, ginger, cinnamon cloves, etc. are also very useful.

When there is still no fever


When the body should get fever and still not come, it means that your immune system is not good. Due to fever, our body fights against other diseases and most of us are unaware of this, as soon as we have fever, we take its medicine, so that the fever does not work for us in a beneficial way. If you have not had fever for many years, even after infection, it is also a symptom of weak immunity.

Vitamin D deficiency


The abundance of vitamin D in the body increases our immunity. And nowadays it has been seen that the lack of it is found in most people. If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in your blood report then you should make every effort to correct its amount in the body. Apart from this, persistent fatigue, laziness or wounds that do not heal for a long time, sleeplessness, depression and dark circles are also a sign of weak immunity.

So take necessary steps to keep your immunity fit, otherwise it will give you lifetime benefits and especially in today’s Corona era, take special care of it.