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Increases heart attack and blood pressure problem in winter, take these precautions



Increases heart attack and blood pressure problem in winter, take these precautions Funny Jokes


Lucknow The cold weather has begun. Diseases are less frequent in this season. That is why doctors call it healthy season. But for heart and blood pressure patients, it is necessary to be more careful in cold.

The minimum temperature has gone three degrees below normal. In such a situation, heart patients need to take special care of it. Because these days the arteries of the heart shrink, due to which the circulation of blood and oxygen in the heart starts decreasing and the blood pressure increases. In such a situation, avoid taking morning walks. Can exercise in the evening. Along with this, eating and drinking also increases these days. But avoid eating oily and greasy food, eat less salt. Civil surgeon Dr. Awadhesh Kumar said on Tuesday that currently due to change in weather, viral fever and cold-cold are causing problems. But as the winter progresses, the problems of blood pressure or heart disease will increase.

Civil surgeon said that sweat does not come out during cold days and due to this, the level of salt in the body increases. This increases blood pressure. Physical activity also decreases in winter. People also shy away from exercising which is likely to increase blood pressure. There is a possibility of clotting in the blood due to shrinkage in the arteries of the blood, which causes problems for heart patients. The civil surgeon said that blood circulation in the cold would reduce and hence the blood arteries shrink. This increases the likelihood of heart attack in heart patients. It is necessary for heart patients to take special care of some things in this season. Do some physical exercise. For this exercise should be done according to the rule of four. According to this rule, heart patients benefit from walking at a speed of four km in a total of forty minutes four days a week. Care should be taken that the atmosphere is not too cold.

The civil surgeon said that currently no medicines exist to prevent the corona virus. There are a few things you can do to avoid this. Wash your hands with plenty of soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with un-washed hands. Do not get too close to people who are sick.