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If your body is also numb repeatedly, then do these home remedies



If your body is also numb repeatedly, then do these home remedies Funny Jokes

If your body is also numb repeatedly, then do these home remedies Funny Jokes

Whenever we do some work while sitting in one place for a long time, any body part or skin becomes numb. Some people work in the same posture for a long time or keep reading and writing. For this reason, the body becomes numb due to the relaxation of blood vessels and muscles.

What is the reason – The main reason for the numbness of any part of the body is due to wind damage. This makes that organ sense zero. But experts say that there is numbness due to obstruction of blood circulation. Even if a particular part of the body does not get the full amount of pure air, that part of the body becomes numb.

This is the identity – There is a slight tingling in the limb that becomes numb. After that it seems that the organ has become numb. Like pricking a needle, it slowly catches up in that limb, but does not feel pain.

Ways to remove numbness

Papaya or custard seed – Grind papaya or custard seeds and mix in mustard oil and massage gently on the numb limbs.

Dry ginger and garlic – Dealing with defecation etc. in the morning Dry ginger and garlic Chew two buds and drink water from above. Continuous use of this experiment for eight to ten days cures numbness.

Thyme and Garlic – Crush one teaspoon of parsley and two pieces of garlic in the oil of Tili, then cook the oil and fill it in the vial. Massage the numb place with this oil.

Badam oil Rubbing almond oil cures numbness. Mix four spices of the peepal tree with mustard oil and cook on the flame. Then filter and use this oil.

Dry ginger, peepal and garlic – Take all equal quantity and grind it on the cob with water. Then apply it on a numb place like a paste. Skin is made natural by applying the almonds.

Black pepper and red cardamom – Grind black pepper and red cardamom in water and apply it on the skin.

coconut oil Mix 5 grams of nutmeg powder in 100 grams of coconut oil and apply on a particular skin or part. Grind one lump of garlic and one lump of Shunthi. After this, make a paste by dissolving in water. Apply this paste on the skin. Massage native ghee on the soles at night.

This will eliminate numbness of the feet. Take 5 grams of chopsticks, 2 grams of peppermule and 4 grams of butter – mix all three with milk in the morning and evening. Take equal quantity of the root, peepal and chitrak of the milk and boil it in half a kilogram of milk. Then drink it while sleeping at night. Massage of Sandhava oil is very beneficial in numbness.