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Husband left when he had a blind child, remarried: Saran’s Ramita pleads for justice for her innocent son and himself



Husband left when he had a blind child, remarried: Saran's Ramita pleads for justice for her innocent son and himself Funny Jokes

Ramita with her innocent son.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Ramita with her innocent son.

  • Husband is saying my son is not mine, Ramita is ready for DNA test
  • FIR lodged against four people including husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law

What a woman gave birth to a blind child, a mountain of sorrow broke over her. The husband and in-laws left the innocent as soon as he came into the world. The husband even accused the wife that a blind man cannot be my son. Not only this, he also got remarried. Now the woman has gone to the police station seeking justice. She has also lodged an FIR against her husband.

This case is of Dariyapur in Saran district. 26-year-old Ramita Devi, daughter of Zamindar Rai of Moharrampur in the victim’s Gadkha police station area, has said in a complaint to the president of Dariyapur police station that my husband and in-laws left me after the birth of the son. The only mistake is that a blind son was born from my womb. With the consent of my husband Raju Rai of Dariyapur Saman Chak, my father-in-law Dharmendra Rai, mother-in-law Iwaria Devi, Jethani Babunti Devi got together and got my husband married. Now where do I go with my blind son.

Ramita has said in the complaint that my husband says that the blind son cannot be mine. I do not want to leave my husband. To convince my husband, I agree to have a DNA test. When in-laws stay in-laws, they threaten to kill them and throw them in Gandak. Sir, please give me justice.

Ramita told Bhaskar that on 26 April 2016 she was married to Arvind Kumar Rai, son of Dharmendra Rai of Dariyapur Saman Chak. After the marriage, everything was going well. In January 2017, she gave birth to a son. This is where his sorrows started. Unfortunately his son was blind. The attitude of his in-laws changed after the birth of the son. He began to be seen with inferiority complex. She was always beaten with him. On being in-laws, they would be threatened with biting into Gandak. Fed up with the torture, she came to her father’s house.

The victim said that the news of her husband’s marriage to Doriaganj Chirand with a girl was received 5 months ago. In this marriage, Shiv Prasad Rai of Sabalpur Naval Tola, her husband’s maternal grandfather, also played an important role. Shiv Prasad Rai lives near Sonpur railway colony and her husband also lives there. The victim has filed an FIR in the police station, nominating four people, including her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law. Dariyapur police is investigating the matter after filing an FIR.