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Girraj Shila orbiter started in Damodar temple – News India Live, India news, News India, Live news, Live India



Girraj Shila orbiter started in Damodar temple - News India Live, India news, News India, Live news, Live India Funny Jokes

Mathura : After nine months in the Radha Damodar Temple, which had established its own identity in the Sapta temples of Vrindavan, the circumambulation of the Girraj Shila which was given by Lord Shri Krishna himself to Saint Sanatana Goswami.

Due to the global pandemic Kovid-19, the rocking orbit from March 25 last year, on the first day of the new year, on the first day of Friday, the first hour of the rock, Panchamrit was anointed and 108 Tulsi teams were offered amidst Ghadiyal, Shankhadhwani and Vedic mantras. Only after this, the revolutionaries were allowed to revolve the rock. Swell pilgrims with the permission of the parikrama started the parikrama with the cry of ‘Shri Radhadamodar Lal ki Jai’ and ‘Girraj Maharaj ki Jai’. The revolvers who did not follow the rules of Kovid-19 and did not even apply masks were not allowed to revolve. This rock is so miraculous that revolving around it, Prabhupada ji went abroad and also hoisted the flag of Indian culture there and finally he became the originator of ISKCAN.

The seer Acharya Balaram Goswami of the temple said that this rock is more important than the preaching deity itself and never disappoints the soulful orbiter. The ascetic saint Sanatana Goswami used to go to Govardhan on foot from Vrindavan, and after going round Saptakosi of Girraj ji, he used to return to his hut built in the temple premises. Once he got tired and sat down while doing Govardhan Parikrama, Thakurji appeared.

He told Sanatan Goswami that as he got older, he should no longer revolve around Govardhan. Hearing the closure of the parikrama, Sanatan’s teardrop flowed out, then Thakur picked up a nearby rock and as soon as his feet were placed on the lotus, the rock melted like wax and on it, Thakur’s feet lotus was inscribed on it. After this, he played the vanshi and called the Surbhi cow and got his hoof inscribed on it. After this, he put his lakti and vanshi on the rock, then his signs were also marked.

Sevayat Acharya told that after these signs were inscribed, Thakur ji gave that rock to Sanatan saying that if he would do four revolutions by placing it in his hut in Vrindavan, then there would be a circumambulation of Giriraj. With this, Thakur ji got confused. On completion of the body of Sanatan Goswami, this rock was placed in the temple and people who cannot revolve around Girraj due to old age or getting sick, they come to this temple specially and revolve around the rock. Over time, the number of people revolving around this rock increased and people of all ages started doing it, but the circumambulation of the rock was stopped since the temple was closed due to Kovid-19.

The immense joy that the devotees received from the start of the orbit of this rock was reflected in the facial expressions of the devotees orbiting the first day when they were singing ‘Sri Krishna Govind Hare Murari O Nath Narayan Vasudev’. .