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Getting out of your car is not allowed: every parking sale in Patna in the name of ‘smart’, free edge of road will not be found.



Getting out of your car is not allowed: every parking sale in Patna in the name of 'smart', free edge of road will not be found. Funny Jokes

Getting out of your car is not allowed: every parking sale in Patna in the name of 'smart', free edge of road will not be found. Funny Jokes

Getting out of your car is not allowed in Patna, because here now parking charges will have to be given to park the car on the same road. The Municipal Corporation is going to put a big burden on vehicle owners in the name of ‘smart’. The blueprint for awarding contracts for 38 locations of the city has been prepared. You will no longer be able to do free car parking on the roads related to these places.

This is the plan of the Municipal Corporation

Under the plan of Patna Municipal Corporation, the existing 38 parking is being made smart in the name of upgrading. Artificial intelligence will be used to make service better and convenient for the public by reducing man to man intrusion in parking. A smart parking management system equipped with special cameras, portable cabins, auto-pay stations will be developed to prepare boom barriers, RFID sensors, record of vehicles – model of vehicle, number plates, etc., to control the movement of vehicles.

Common citizens claim these facilities

The corporation says that in the current parking, two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles travel through the same gate, but vehicles under the project will move in a graded manner. This will not result in queue of vehicles nor inconvenience to the common man.

There will be strictness regarding parking

The municipal corporation claims that the nearest parking information at any public place will be found through the app. The app will be developed under this new planning. Information about the nearest route to access parking can also be obtained through the app. After this, the toughness will increase. In such a situation, you will not be able to parking on the road.

Smart payment will be arranged

The Municipal Corporation has claimed to provide several options to the public for parking fee payment such as app smart card, auto-pay station. There has been talk of providing charging facility for e-vehicles in the parking lot, but the benefit of the facility will not be limited to only those vehicles which are parked there.

Claim pre-booking facility

The municipal corporation also claims that the parking lot can already be reserved in smart parking. Along with this, a parking reserve will also be kept for the differently-abled. Those who have to make regular use of parking can also avail the facility of monthly pass. The Municipal Corporation is said to give a concession in parking fee to the students and the elderly. Toilets and drinking water facilities are being claimed in all smart parking lots. LED signage will also be installed to inform the vehicles about the vacant site in the parking complex.

Toughness will be in freedom from encroachment

The Municipal Corporation says that this scheme will get rid of encroachment. Smart parking management system will be used, whereby the corporation will be able to monitor the earning of the respective parking lot due to digital payment, while special cameras will also provide information about which car in which parking lot, for how long. Stood up to There will be an invoice when the car is parked on the road. In such a situation, people will have to go to the parking lot, which will get rid of encroachment.

Corporation also believes that business is being done in parking lot

The Municipal Corporation is also assuming that there is a business of buying and selling vehicles on the parking lot. The corporation says that the parking lot is encroached upon taking action on receipt of the complaint. Smart parking is being said to be important to keep the parking space occupied.

Parking will be “smart” at these places, be ready to loose pockets

  • 1. Opposite Vidyut Bhawan
  • 2. BN Callose, Ashok Rajpath
  • 3. Dakbangla Chouraha, Near Maruti Showroom
  • 4. Near PESU and PHED office
  • 5. Near the bridge construction corporation office
  • 6. Near Sri Krishna Puri Park
  • 7. Eco Park, opposite Gate 2 and 3
  • 8. Sahadeva Mahto Marg
  • 9. From Mount Carmel School to Patna Women’s College
  • 10. Behavior Court, Opposite Hanuman Mandir
  • 11. Mauryalok Complex
  • 12. Near Kali Mandir
  • 13. Opposite Maharaja Kameshwar Complex
  • 14. Boring Road intersection with striking turns
  • 15. Opposite Mahavir Temple
  • 16. Transport Nagar, Truck Stand
  • 17. Near Bank of Baroda
  • 18. Rajendra Nagar Overbridge to Central School
  • 19. Munna Chowk to Kumharra Toli
  • 20. SBI, Kankarbagh
  • 21. Tempo Stand
  • 22. Handicapped building, Kankarbagh
  • 23. Near Sriram Hospital
  • 24. Opposite Super Market, Kankarbagh
  • 25. Kankarbagh Road No-2, Opposite Electricity Office
  • 26. Mithapur Bus Stand
  • 27. Boring Canal Road
  • 28. Burind Road Square
  • 29. CDA Building
  • 30. Gyan Ganga, Kadamkuan
  • 31. Near Raj Furniture
  • 32. Kadamkuan Market
  • 33. Vaishali Golambar to Dinkar Golambar
  • 34. Anjuman Islamia Patna Market
  • 35. Near Rajrang Shop (Bankipur)
  • 36. Samp House, Near Dinkar Golambar
  • 37. Shiva Sweets, Kadamkuan Road
  • 38. Amit Medicals, Kadamkuan Road

Getting ready for the contract

The municipal corporation says that all the above parking spots will be made smart and operated by private agency. Plans are underway to complete the tender process for agency selection very soon.

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