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Eating betel leaves increases your arousal, know many more benefits!



Eating betel leaves increases your arousal, know many more benefits! Funny Jokes

Eating betel leaves increases your arousal, know many more benefits! Funny Jokes

The tradition of betel eating in our country is quite old. Betel leaves are also used in worship in Hinduism. Paan is cultivated in many parts of India, in which Mahoba is quite famous for it. The taste of betel leaves is astringent, but the eaters eat catechu, fennel, betel nut and gulkand in it with great fervor. Many people consider eating betel leaf a wrong habit but it has many benefits as well. According to Ayurveda, eating paan also keeps dangerous diseases like cancer away. Betel leaves

Helpful in healing wounds
Betel leaves have anti-bacterial and wound healing properties. Grind betel leaves and apply it on the wound, it cures wounds quickly and prevents infection. The pain-relieving properties of betel also provide relief from pain caused by injury.

For diseases of the mouth
Paan is known for its enchanting and unique aroma. Chewing betel leaves ends the smell of the mouth. The levels of ascorbic acid in the saliva of betel-eaters also remain normal, reducing the risk of many oral diseases. Chewing betel teeth are cleaned, so there is no risk of cavity.

Relieve joint pain
If you are suffering from joint pain or arthritis, then paan will prove beneficial in it. Grind betel leaves and tie it in a cloth bundle and then warm it, and foment the joints with it, you will get relief from joint pain.

Relieve stomach pain
If you have stomach pain or cramps, apply castor or coconut oil on the smooth surface of the betel leaves and heat it on top of the candle again and then fry it on the stomach. By doing this you will get relief from stomach ache in a few moments.

Relieve sore throat
If there is a sore throat or pain, drinking 5 ml of betel leaves mixed with a glass of warm water gives relief. Singers use it regularly to keep their throats good.

Increase digestion
Eating paan increases the amount of digestive juices needed to digest food, which makes digestion faster and you do not have stomach-related diseases. If you have also eaten heavy and strong food, then after eating the pan it gets digested quickly.

Help lose weight
If you are troubled by your increasing weight then you should start eating betel leaf. Eating paan increases the rate of metabolicism in your body, which reduces your weight rapidly and excess fat is not stored in the body.

Increase arousal
Eating betel helps boost your sex capacity. Chewing 1-2 betel leaves with cloves and cardamom every day after eating eliminates all the problems related to sex.