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Eat fruits at the right time for good health



Eat fruits at the right time for good health Funny Jokes


It is very important to consume fruits to provide nutritious elements to the body. Fruits should also be included in your diet along with other diets daily, but this will be beneficial only if they are eaten in the right way and at the right time. Consuming them unnecessarily can cause harm rather than benefits.

Eat these fruits on an empty stomach
Some fruits are such that eating on an empty stomach has a bad effect on health. Berries should never be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. Banana, pomegranate and papaya can be consumed before breakfast.

Do not eat these fruits after meals
Some people eat fruits immediately after eating food which is harmful. This causes difficulty in digesting food. Due to which there may be troubles such as gas, indigestion, burning and heaviness in the stomach. Eat fruits after 2 hours of eating, which will give full benefit of its nutritional elements.

Eat fruits correctly
It is very important to eat fruits at the right time like banana always after breakfast. Papaya 1-2 hours before lunch, after eating some of the citrus fruits, guava is helpful to digest food and consume it after meals. Fruits can also be eaten as a salad. Eating them with salt and curd is also beneficial.

Drink fruit juice too
Some people do not like to eat fruits, so it is better to eat juice. Children also like juice more than eating fruit. Due to this, the nutritious elements of fruits continue to be found in the body.