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Don’t mislead Narayanasamy: Bedi



Don't mislead Narayanasamy: Bedi Funny Jokes

Don't mislead Narayanasamy: Bedi Funny Jokes

Puducherry: Lt Governor Kiran Bedi of Union Territory of Puducherry on Saturday urged Chief Minister V Narayanasamy not to mislead people against the Prime Minister and the Governor’s office.

Ms. Bedi said that the Central Government, the Supreme Court and the Madras High Court have clearly reaffirmed and supported the responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governor, so why does the Chief Minister not accept and respect them.

He said that the Lt. Governor of Puducherry is appointed by the President and he is responsible for the efficient and effective functioning of the Lt. Governor’s office. He said, the office of the Lieutenant Governor monitors the financial expenditure of the Union Territory within the budgetary provisions and limits approved by the Central Government.

He said that the Lieutenant Governor’s Office is efficiently run by the Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary, other secretaries and heads of departments. In such a situation, he is trying to mislead people by demonstrating against this office.


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