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Don’t forget to take care of your hands this winter!



Don't forget to take care of your hands this winter! Funny Jokes

Don't forget to take care of your hands this winter! Funny Jokes

Here are some common knowledge for you, do you know that viruses cannot replicate until they enter a living cell. Without a host cell, they are not able to mutate and multiply. However, once the virus is able to attach to enough cells in the host, it grows many times over a minute, wreaking havoc on the structures of the host body. Try this fun exercise: Open your smartphone and zoom in tight while focusing on your palm. It will strike you that our hands are anything but smooth!

If you wash your hands frequently, she suggests some tips to keep in mind:

  • People who wash their hands too often and use hand sanitizers will remove the good bacteria needed to fight germs with the healthy oils on hand. If you have dry, cracked or multiple cracks on your fingers or hands, you should know how often you wash your hands and avoid the overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers that further dry your skin Can.
  • For hand protection while cleaning utensils or any other cleaning or household chores, do not wear gloves and do not use handwashing in chemical substances that will also dry your skin.
  • Use of moisturizer is also an option, but one needs to be careful when handling food with moisturizer, as we do not want to accidentally ingest them.
  • Pure coconut oil is an excellent hygienic alternative to traditional oils. Coconut oil is recognized for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and anti-microbial properties. Applying coconut oil on moist hands helps seal moisture.