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Do you also see Shivalinga in your dream ??



Do you also see Shivalinga in your dream ?? Funny Jokes

Do you also see Shivalinga in your dream ?? Funny Jokes

Every person dreams and everyone also likes dreams because the world of dreams is many times more beautiful than the world of reality. It has always been said that people should not have much meaning in the dream world because our world is very different from the dream world, but anything that comes in the dream gives us a different sign that we cannot understand. Huh.

What is the reason for seeing Shivalinga in dreams:

# If Lord Bholenath appears in your dream, then the secret of this dream is very big, which you do not understand so easily.

# It is believed that if one sees an object related to Shivalinga or Lord Shiva in one’s dream, then it is very auspicious for him.

# Such dreams indicate the end of all the miseries in life. Apart from this, if the moon comes in the dream, then it is also considered very auspicious because there is moon in Shivaji’s jatas.

# To show the moon in a dream means the attainment of more knowledge, the moon is considered a symbol of knowledge.

# If Shiva is seen doing Tandava in the dream, then it means that he has come to solve all your problems. Lord Bholenath ji is considered the greatest of all the gods.