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Delicious food and dishes of India



Delicious food and dishes of India Funny Jokes

Delicious food and dishes of India Funny Jokes

When you travel to India, don’t expect anything close to the standard menu. In this vast country, there are 29 states – each with its own topography and traditions.

100 miles in any direction and religion, language and culinary customs will be completely different.

Food experiences vary depending on the landscape and climate, not to mention historical immigration patterns, spices, trade links, rulers and religions.

In northern destinations, you can find flatbread and tandoor-grilled kebabs, while southern Indians dine on sweet coconut fish curry and rice.

Across the country, diversity exceeds nine religions, all of which affect the association with food. For example, Hindus eat beef, Muslims refrain from eating pork, and Jains practice strict vegetarianism.

With Kovid-19 affecting international tourism, those of us in other countries might not be able to taste these delicious dishes in India right now, but there is no harm in reducing our hunger.

From north to south, east to west, we dive deep into traditional cuisine with the history of each region and insights from experts in each region.