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Deafness is possible in time – Dr. Ravindra Sharma



Deafness is possible in time - Dr. Ravindra Sharma Funny Jokes

Deafness is possible in time - Dr. Ravindra Sharma Funny Jokes

Lakhimpur-Kheri: A National Hearing Awareness Campaign was organized on the occasion of World Hearing Day. Under this, awareness programs were conducted at all community and primary health centers, including district hospitals.

A seminar was organized under the program organized in the district hospital. Simultaneously, a human chain was created and medicines were distributed in OPD, especially by Dr. Lalit, treating patients with hearing problems.

Nodal officer Dr. Ravindra Sharma said that the public should pay special attention to the causes of deafness. These causes can include ear infections, ear bruises, head injuries or ear bruises. Treatment is possible by paying attention to it in time and by seeking medical advice. In case of deafness, these include measles, mumps (mumps), meningitis, excess noise and loss of hearing power due to side effects of the drug.

During this, District Hospital Superintendent Dr. RC Aggarwal informed that deafness is also caused by problems in pregnant women. At the same time, the chances of getting this problem also increase in the newborn. If we talk about the reason, then there is difficulty in childbirth and premature birth etc. If they are identified and treated in time, then they get benefit in a very short time. Under the awareness program, particularly Dr. Lalit saw patients suffering from deafness problems and was also given medicines.