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Dark-black juicy berries, know its 8 most precious qualities



Dark-black juicy berries, know its 8 most precious qualities Funny Jokes


Black berries are tempting at the sight of black berries, but do you know that it is full of medicinal properties. Cancer is not only controlled by its use but in addition to heart disease, asthma, arthritis, cancer which has become a cancer for Indian society is also controlled. According to Dr. Shailendra Rajan, director of Rahmankheda, a centrally located horticultural institute in Lucknow, the fruits and kernels of berries are not only a panacea for diabetics but also capable of controlling cancer, arthritis and asthma.

So many uses

The use of berries is possible in many ways. Berries, available for a limited time as fruit in the market, have established their bullying well in the open market in many forms. It can be consumed throughout the year as a product like wine, juice, bar, vinegar, jelly. It is not only a value added product, it is also nutritious, tasty and healthy like fresh fruit.

This ‘superfruit’ is full of health benefits

Dr. Shailendra Rajan explains that berries are a mine of health-enhancing properties. Because of this, he is placed in the category of superfruit. The fruit of berries is very useful for cancer, arthritis, diabetes, asthma etc. Apart from these, this fruit also relieves stomach pain and urinary disease. Explain that its bioactive compounds are effective in cancer, heart disease, honey, asthma and arthritis. They are rich in anti-oxidants. They say that developed countries have also accepted its importance due to the honey and anti-cancer properties.

Beneficial to entrepreneurs

According to Dr. Rajan, wine is very important in value added products of berries. Entrepreneurs can also take full advantage of this. Small enterprises are currently being promoted by the central government. In such a situation, industry can be established in both the villages and cities. The taste and aroma of the berries is quite good. It is full of bioactive compounds. Due to this processing are important.