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Childless women should fast this child soon



Childless women should fast this child soon Funny Jokes

Childless women should fast this child soon Funny Jokes

Every girl considers her best luck to be a mother. There are many people who do not get the happiness of children and they are very disappointed with this, while women have to face many problems. If after many efforts, the sum of children is not being made then astrology Accordingly, a special fast has been told, through which you can get child happiness.

Women should do this fast

# It has been said that this fast is observed on both the Trayodashi of the lunar month, this fast is during the Shukla Paksha and the second Krishna Paksha, this fast is also known by the name of Pradosh Vrat.

# If you do this fast with full dedication and perseverance for only three months, then by observing this fast, the chances of getting children can be achieved.

# If you can get up before sun rise on the day of Pradosh fast, then you should take a bath in Ganges or bathe in a river, else worship Lord Shiva by bathing at home.

# After this, after purifying the place of worship with Ganga water, the pavilion is prepared by leaping from cow dung. During the puja, you sit facing north-east direction and then start the puja.