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Budget proposal passed: 39 roads, roads will be paved in many wards of the city, the corporation approved the budget of Rs 3.39 crore



Budget proposal passed: 39 roads, roads will be paved in many wards of the city, the corporation approved the budget of Rs 3.39 crore Funny Jokes

Budget proposal passed - Dainik Bhaskar

Budget proposal pass

  • FCPC meets many development works, now work will be passed in the house

Ambulance road and roads will be paved in many wards of the city. For this, a time of one and a half months has been given as the corporation wants to complete these tasks in this financial year. While their width will be increased one more, they will also be confirmed. This was approved in the FCPC meeting of Municipal Corporation Shimla on Saturday.

For this, the corporation also released a total fund of 3.39 crores rupees. Now it will be sent to the house for formality. After that work will be started in these roads and roads. The meeting was chaired by Mayor Satya Candle, in which several issues were discussed in detail. Committee members also gave their opinion. However, the roads and roads for which the budget was released.

How many roads in which ward will be confirmed

  • Ward Name Roads
  • Stuffed three
  • Ruldubhatta three
  • Kathu one
  • Annadale Three
  • Summer three
  • Baluganj one
  • Tuticorin One
  • Banmar four
  • Dark three
  • Cast one
  • Mashebra one
  • Sangti Ek
  • Panthaghati Dae
  • Tighthead
  • Chheta Shimla Teen
  • Vikasnagar Three
  • Get one
  • New Shimla One

Budget was also released for these works

While funds were given to pave the roads of the city, on the other hand, approval was also given to pave the drains. There will be a drain near Taland Chak, besides a drain near Chittranta Bawdi in Bhattakufar ward. At the same time, the road binding will be done near the Lakshmi Narayan temple in Tutu.

Public path will be paved from Journalist Vihar to Kart Complex in Kachighati ward. Similarly, roads in the city will be confirmed, while patchwork will also be done on the roads. During the FCPC meeting, an estimate of Rs 25 lakh was also issued for patchwork on the roads of all 34 wards of the city. In this, the corporation will now do patchwork in the next one month. This will help get rid of the pit lying on the roads.

Last year could not be done, due to Kareena, no road and road work could be done in the city last year. The development work in the city could not be done for about 10 months, due to which the condition of most of the roads in the city is now down. These have been badly broken and the pits have also become very large.

In such a situation, the corporation, which was to be completed in the last year, has now set a target to complete it before 31 March. So that tarring and metaling can be done on other roads that occurred in the new financial year. The corporation has released the budget for tarring and metaling on city streets, mostly ambulance roads, which have now been repaired.

Order to complete the work soon

In this regard, Municipal Corporation Mayor Satya Candle said that the FCPC meeting of the Municipal Corporation was held on Saturday. In this, 3.39 crores rupees have been released for tarring and metaling on roads in many wards in the city. Apart from this, several streams will also be confirmed.

At the same time, the budget was approved to do patchwork on roads in all the wards of the city. He said that the work was to be done last year, but due to Kareena, the work could not be done, so now these works will be completed soon.