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Bringing together AMMK and AIDMK will make it a point in Tamil Nadu, understand BJP’s election strategy



Bringing together AMMK and AIDMK will make it a point in Tamil Nadu, understand BJP's election strategy Funny Jokes

Bringing together AMMK and AIDMK will make it a point in Tamil Nadu, understand BJP's election strategy Funny Jokes

Sasikala made a big reversal in the political equation of Tamil Nadu by retiring from politics. However, now some leaders of BJP and AIDMK are wishing that Sasikala’s nephew T.T.V. Dinakaran’s party ‘Amma Makkal Munnetra Kashgham’ (AMMK) should be included in AIDMK. However, Chief Minister K Palaniswami and some senior leaders strongly opposed it and the proposal was rejected. But now when the big leaders of BJP and some big leaders of AIDMK talk on it, then maybe it is agreed now and AMMK fought elections together with AIDMK.

Actually, you can guess this from Sasikala’s statement. When Sasikala retired from politics, she said that all AIDMK workers should come together and carry forward Amma’s political legacy. He also said that all the workers of AIDMK should come together and defeat the DMK. His nephew Dinakaran was also somewhere in Sasikala’s ‘Sab karyakartas’. Let us tell you, when Jayalalithaa died, there were two factions in the AIDMK. After this, Sasikala was accused of corruption and had to go to jail. Only after this did AIDMK show him and his nephew a way out of the party. After this, Dinakaran formed his own party and got a good support base in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Due to this, the big leaders of BJP and AIDMK feel that if the AMMK is taken together then the loss in the assembly can be avoided.

Will Dinakaran’s party join AIDMK?

The leaders of AIDMK and the Chief Minister are not ready to include AMMK in AIDMK. Rather, he definitely wants to fight as an ally in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and be given some seats. Actually behind this. Palaniswami is afraid because Palaniswami knows that Dinakaran has been the president of AIDMK and Sasikala has been in the party for decades, so she has a grip. If Dinakaran is brought back to the party again, trouble will arise for him and Panneerselvam. So he would never want Dinakaran to come back to AIDMK again.

The alliance will be strengthened with the arrival of AMMK

The reason behind Dinakaran’s party not wanting to join AMMK in such a coalition. In fact, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, AMMK had secured 5.2 percent votes in the whole of Tamil Nadu. With this, his grip is gradually becoming stronger among the public. Therefore, the BJP feels that if the AMMK becomes a part of the alliance then it will directly benefit the NDA alliance. There are many people who consider Dinakaran and Sasikala in Tamil Nadu. AIDMK is also aware that if AMMK fights elections separately, then it will directly harm AIDMK and the benefit will be to DMK which it will never want.

T.T.V. Dinakaran has no choice

Dinakaran has no other way than to meet with the AIDMK and the BJP alliance at this time. Sasikala has retired from politics. As soon as Sasikala left, there was a face from Dinakaran’s party, which was feared that she would replace Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu. But today when Sasikala has retired from politics, Dinakaran has no other way left. Dinakaran knows that he can never come to power in Tamil Nadu without coming to an alliance. The party which stood against the DMK, the AMMK, which came out of the AIDMK, will never go with the DMK. Therefore, they will have to form an alliance with AIDMK if not today. So if it is announced in the coming few days that AMMK is fighting elections in Tamil Nadu with AIDMK and BJP, then it will not surprise anyone.