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Big conspiracy of Naxalites failed in Bihar, CRPF recovered 34 land mines



Big conspiracy of Naxalites failed in Bihar, CRPF recovered 34 land mines Funny Jokes

Gone : Security personnel have got great success in Bihar. Of naxalites Against Lootua police station by CRPF personnel of Cobra 205 during Naxal Search Operation Within In the forests of Bhusia Maoists 34 IEDs bombed by I have been defused. Actually in Gaya district of Bihar Maoists Series IED bombs were planted in a radius of 100 meters on a hill about one and a half kilometers north-west of Bhusia..

In this action, security forces have taken action to destroy a total of 34 land mines.. Among the recovered IEDs, 9 of 10 kg, 10 of five kg, 15 IED of 3 kg and a large amount of detonators, cordex wires and electrical wires have also been recovered.. Actually Maoists The ID bomb was planted with the aim of damaging the security forces and all were planted only 3 to 4 feet away..

although Maoists Villagers could also come in the grip of IEDs planted by. Maoist If Created Conspiracy In near Had the security forces suffered heavy losses,. The operation was carried out under the direction and supervision of Deputy Director General of Police CRPF Gaya under the leadership of Commandant 205 Cobra.. The 34 landmines recovered were defused by the Cobra bombing squads in the presence of Sanjay Kumar Deputy Inspector General of Police, CRPF and security forces, including officers of the Cobra, the station of Imamganj and Lutua.