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‘Bhanje’ has stopped speaking on naming ‘Mama’, Kiku Sharda mocked Krushna Abhishek at Kapil Sharma Show



'Bhanje' has stopped speaking on naming 'Mama', Kiku Sharda mocked Krushna Abhishek at Kapil Sharma Show Funny Jokes


Artists on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show mock others, but also fiercely comment on each other. Something similar was also seen in recently telecasted episodes. When Kiku Sharda commented on Krushna Abhishek that guest laughter did not stop and Krishna’s speech stopped.

Joking with the name of Govinda

Kiku Sharda commented on Krishna Abhishek (Krushna Abhishek) during the act that everyone was laughed at. So there was not a word from Krishna’s mouth. The star cast of Coolie No. 1 reached in this episode. Sara Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan were present on stage. During an act where Krishna came as Dharamvir’s Dharam of the film, Kiku was seen in the Sunny Deol getup of Sharada Jeet movie. That’s when Kiku says something in the voice of Sharda Govinda, then Krishna says that ‘Chichi don’t talk like that’. At the same time, without delaying Kiku also immediately commented, ‘Chi Chi doesn’t talk to you at all’. What was there then Krishna’s speech stopped.

Mama – There is a dispute in nephew

krushna abhishek, govinda pic credit: instagram

Let us tell you that some dispute is going on between Govinda and Krishna for some time and now this dispute is openly visible in front of everyone. Govinda Kapil Sharma reached the show some time ago. And during this, Krishna refused to perform. The reason behind this was that the last time Govinda reached the show Kapil Sharma with wife Sunita, Sunita had canceled Krishna’s act. And Krishna could not perform. This time Krishna himself refused. After which the cracks between the two are now openly visible.

Anil Kapoor will arrive on the show this week

At the same time, Anil Kapoor will arrive as a guest on The Kapil Sharma Show this weekend. And there will be a lot of fun on the show. During this time the show will celebrate New Year. The glimpse of how much fun is going to be on the set is clearly visible in the recently released promo video.