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Baba used to do this work under the guise of Tantra, he was murdered in public



Baba used to do this work under the guise of Tantra, he was murdered in public Funny Jokes

Baba used to do this work under the guise of Tantra, he was murdered in public Funny Jokes

The police has revealed the murder of Tantrik in Ghaziabad in broad daylight on Sunday. Tantric Aas Mohammed was killed on 19 February in village Jalalpur of Maradnagar police station area, but the police could not ascertain the reason. On Sunday, the murder accused (Accused) reported that Aas Mohammed had tried to rape the wife on the pretext of tantra vidya. In retaliation for this behavior with his wife, he cut off Tantric Baba publicly at the Nurganj crossroads. Police arrested the accused and recovered his bike along with the weapon.

The accused had said that Baba used to take women on the pretext of giving them medicine to have children, and used to get them in his clothes with his tantra knowledge. After this he raped her.

Force during system action

According to SP villager Dr Eraj Raja, the murder accused told that his wife was upset due to not having children. She used to go to Tantric Baba Aas Mohammed only for children. One day Baba tried to force his wife during the Tantra Kriya. This information was given by the wife to the husband.

He lost his temper after listening to his wife. He took out the sword kept at home and went to the tantric Baba’s house, where he could not find Baba. Then he went to the crossroads and waited for Tantrik Baba. As soon as Tantric saw Baba on the e-rickshaw, he grabbed the hair of Aas Mohammad and pulled him into the square and killed him in public. After this he escaped.

The sword was kept for fear of thieves

The rural SP also informed that the house of the accused was in the middle of the village. Fear of miscreants and thieves had a sword erected at his house. So that he can protect the family.

SHO Amit Kakran said in the murder in Muradnagar that the police have not received any special help from surveillance. The accused, who was running away from the murder, was seen in the CCTV footage. But he did not show in which direction he ran. In which case the absconding accused went, the police must have seen about 70 CCTV footage. In the footage, the police identified the accused as well as the accused sketch was made with the help of the deceased’s son. With the help of the sketch, the police apprehended the accused. The SHO said that the accused did not have a mobile due to which he had difficulty in apprehending.