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Authorities appeal not to use kerosene oil



Authorities appeal not to use kerosene oil Funny Jokes

Authorities appeal not to use kerosene oil Funny Jokes

Hazaribagh: District Supply Officer Arvind Kumar and Sadar BDO Amitabh Bhagat have once again appealed to the villagers not to use kerosene oil kept at home. Also appealed to the villagers to return the kerosene oil present in the house to the PDS shopkeeper (dealer). The DSO and BDO reached Sekha village of Amanari Panchayat on Tuesday and were talking to the common people. The two officers arrived in the village late Monday evening to inquire about the case of Mosomat Urmila, who was badly scorched in the blast in order to burn kerosene oil. Once again at the scene, the two officials insisted on not using kerosene oil. Earlier, there was talk of not using kerosene oil as well as it was also withdrawn. Even after this, the above incident took place late Monday evening.

After the severe burns of Mosomat Urmila, with the effort of chief Anoop Kumar, he was admitted to Hazaribagh Medical College Hospital, from where he was sent to Rims Ranchi for better treatment. Significantly, last month, 4 people of Amanari and Chutiyaro Panchayat were killed, while more than a dozen people were injured in a similar incident. Under the disaster relief, the families of the deceased were given a compensation of Rs 4-4 lakh.