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Arist Girdhari will reveal the secrets of many murders of Purvanchal on the charge of Ajit murder



Arist Girdhari will reveal the secrets of many murders of Purvanchal on the charge of Ajit murder Funny Jokes

Girdhari is very vicious, spitting the reigns easy No

After 15 months of calm, Ajit’s Murder Before Lucknow, Banaras, Delhi and Mumbai for Girdhari, who lived in the shelter of Babuhli MP Stir Made up. Girdhari in Delhi Arrest The police sources, who were trying to get him to Lucknow, told that the vicious Robbers Spill anything easy Is not. still try It will happen that all four Murder Give accurate, accurate and meaningful information about. So that, on other people associated with his network Effective Action could be taken.

Ajit was created in the region of Azamgarh Murder Plot of
Ajit Singh’s Murder Of Conspiracy The house of a white-collar of Tarwan region of Azamgarh district was built. Murder Because of former MLA Sarvesh Singh Sipu Murder With the absence of Ajit’s testimony, no strong candidate was to be let in front of Girdhari in the block election of Mohammadabad Gohna..

According to police sources, Azamgarh the prison Dhruv Singh alias Kuntu was the mastermind of the crime and took Girdhari into confidence.. Then its information the prison Akhand Pratap Singh and former Bahubali MP closed in And Two of his henchmen resident of Sultanpur were also given.

On the request of Kuntu, white-collar resident of Tarwan region had arranged for Girdhari to stay and travel as well as his stay.. Meanwhile Girdhari, one of his fellow shooters Talk Of an incident Conspiracy Continually through WhatsApp calls and chats from all the people involved in.

Girdhari used to stay in a lady friend’s flat
A lady friend of Girdhari, a resident of Mau, has a flat in Delhi. Girdhari used to go to Mumbai earlier to dodge the police and then return to Delhi and hide in a lady friend’s flat.. Police sources said that before the arrest, Girdhari was preparing to go to his lady friend’s flat.. Meanwhile, he was getting information about each activity of Lucknow Police and STF on WhatsApp.. However somehow he got caught