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Americans are aware of these things



Americans are aware of these things Funny Jokes

Americans are aware of these things Funny Jokes

1. The city of Junau, Alaska is about 3000 square miles in size. Actually it is larger than the entire state of Delaware.

2. In 1950, 5% of all newborns in the US were born to unmarried parents. Currently this number is above 40%.

3. The poverty rate for married couples in the US is 6.8%. The poverty rate of the households in which only single women live is 37.1%.

4. Women earned 60% of all Bachelor degrees in 2013, they were also awarded this year in the United States.

5. An average of 3000 pounds of food is dumped every year in United States supermarkets.

6. In a survey conducted on 50-year-old humans in the United States, it has been found that only 12% of them were able to say that they are “very happy”.

7. On average, most Americans spend more than 10 hours a day using any electronic device.

8. There are three cities in the United States named “Santa Claus”.

9. According to a recent survey, about 81% of Russians think negatively about the United States.

10. Coffee is commercially cultivated in the United States of Hawaii.

11. In more than half of the United States, the state’s highest paid government employee is a football coach.

12. It costs the United States government 1.8 cents for a penny mint and 9.4 cents for a nickel mint.

13. Almost half of Americans (47%) do not spend even a penny out of their salary money.

14. In 2014, 1,100 people were killed by police in the United States. In the same year, the police killed 14 people in Canada, 12 people in China, while the police did not kill anyone in Germany.

15. The United States of Alaska is 429 times larger than Rhode Island. But Rhode Island has more population than Alaska.

16. Alaska’s coastline is the largest of the 49 states of the United States, which connects the states.

17. The real name of the city of Atlanta in the United States is “Terminus”.

18. The United States with the highest capita income is Maryland.