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Alliances hint at not making 1.40 crore rupees ‘case property’ in train



Alliances hint at not making 1.40 crore rupees 'case property' in train Funny Jokes

Alliances hint at not making 1.40 crore rupees 'case property' in train Funny Jokes

Kanpur : The Rs 1.40 crore found in the Freedom Struggle Fighter Express at the Central Station is nothing less than an enigma. The GRP and the Income Tax Department are investigating the seized rupees now that a Ghaziabad company has rejected the claim of their money. In such a situation, the question now arises as to why GRP did not finally make the seized rupees a case property. If the case property had been created, then no proprietary rights would have come up. The company needs to satisfy the Income Tax Department due to lack of case property and the company can get money. From this, it is also being speculated that there is no tie-up of GRP. However the case is under investigation and is likely to be revealed soon.

The Freedom Fighter Express, going from Delhi to Madhubani in Bihar, stopped at Kanpur’s Central Station on the night of 15 February. During this time, the employees of the pantrycar had informed the GRP and RPF about a Lavaris red colored large suitcase. The police force along with the officers captured the suitcase from the pantrycar and when it was opened a day later, it received Rs 1.40 crore. When no heir of such a huge amount came to the fore, the GRP informed the Income Tax Department about the matter by placing the suitcase in the warehouse.

The teams of GRP and Income Tax Department were conducting equal investigation, but no claimant of ownership could be found. Regarding this, from Kanpur to Delhi, there has been equal discussion point, but now a Ghaziabad company has claimed these rupees.

The GRP and income tax teams are also preparing for question-answer on the company’s claim, but the biggest question is that such a huge amount of a company disappears and even after being caught in Kanpur, quiet for about 13 days. She lives. Due to the company’s silence and the failure of the GRP to make a case property, it is being speculated that the entire matter is of alliances.

B4S Solution Private Limited claimed

The GRP and Income Tax teams are investigating the unclaimed money and according to what has been revealed so far in the investigation, an unknown person stating himself to be a TTE had got the suitcase placed in the pantry at Delhi station. It was also reported that railway officials in Kanpur would receive the suitcase, but this did not happen. The teams of both the departments were in the fight that whose money is this and who will keep it. Meanwhile, B4S Solution Private Limited, a service provider in Ghaziabad’s telecom sector, sent a letter to the officials of the Government Police Force (GRP) Kanpur Central Station on February 28, claiming this amount to be their own.

The company says that he sent this money to distribute the salary of the employees of his office in Lucknow. GRP also informed this letter to the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department is getting information about the claiming company and it came to know that the company providing services in the telecom sector has an office in Lucknow, apart from this there are many branch offices in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Income tax department investigates tax evasion

Advocate of income tax, Abhishek Manglik, said on Friday that if the GRP had filed a case, no claimant would have been found. Explaining the reason behind this, he said that this money case would have been property after the case was filed and the money would have been released from the court only after criminal trial. In such cases, the legal process in the court also goes on for a long time. At the same time, in such cases, the Income Tax Department only investigates whether the rupee is not an income tax evasion and what is the source of income. According to the lawyer, if the company gives a satisfactory reply to the Income Tax Department, then the rupee will be released easily.

Officials say

Inspector Rammohan Rai, in-charge of GRP, said that the company’s letter was received by the department on February 28. Information about this has been given to the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department will take further action. Prayagraj division in-charge SP Brijesh Kumar Singh said that we are under investigation in this matter. Documents have also been sought from the company. Further action will be taken on the basis of the investigation report of the Income Tax Department.

Action taken on the circle of questions from the beginning

Let us tell you that the proceedings being carried out from the same night on the night of the red suitcase in the pantrycar are under question. First of all, the suitcase was kept in RPF and the information was given to the railway authorities. The officers opened the suitcase in the presence of GRPF and RPF and the money was counted.

However, according to experts, on receiving an unclaimed suitcase, the bomb disposal squad should first be informed and a video should be made during counting of money. Not only this, the teams of GRP and Income Tax Department could not collect any concrete evidence so far. In such a situation, it is believed that the claiming company is well aware of the legal aspects and the way the entire case has been processed so far, the company will benefit from it. However, answering the questions will be challenging for the company.